Ideas for a theme wedding

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If you say “yes”, do it in style! All the guests will certainly keep your wedding theme in mind!

N ot some time ago we started cooperation with a very well known international company – Westiwing. Beautifulday is one of the wedding experts there (for those who speak Polish:, but I found they have a very nice ideas for a theme wedding. And I would like to submit 3 proposals

White on white

Classic white is always fashionable. Its charm and versatility never get bored! If you decide to monochrome and white decorations it will be an unusual, and very stylish maneuver. Instead of playing with colors, experimenting with textures, instead of designs and choosing patterns, we can skillfully play only with light, which can add more depthless, and even conjure all the colors of the rainbow. Those who love these immortal classics, do not make the mistake of opting for a simple, clean decor with bright, white lilies and orchids, and softer version – lily of the valley. Spaced on white tablecloths, candles will create a unique ambiance in the evening. Snow-white porcelain will also have a “delicious” look on a blue tablecloth or runner. All white decorations and utensils should have different textures. Therefore, white styling gives your guests a chance to admire all the details, images on plates or kinks in the crystals. Also, dishes spread out on a white background will delight all the guests’ eyes with appetizing colors in a unique way.

Photo from Westwing

Wedding in eco style

Eco wedding can be not only an opportunity to meet, but also promote an environmentally friendly attitude. In a world of huge wedding expenditures, you might want to put on moderation. Eco-friendly wedding style is a solution not only for your wallet but also for the environment. You should opt for an outdoor wedding, for example on a farm, meadow or in the garden. During the day, you can rely on sunlight, and in the evening – on the moody light lanterns and torches. Decorating a banquet hall, a church or venue think about seasonal flowers coming from local crops. Tables and benches can be decorated with the details from an attic, found at flea markets or made on your own. Special attention should be paid to the recycled, renewable and certified Fairtrade materials. A young couple may also think about invitations made from recycled paper. Such paper can also be used to prepare name cards. It will be beautiful, stylish and ecologically!

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Boho chic

Boho is recently one of the hottest trends that inspire young couples around the world. Boho is derived from bohemia (La bohème), a bohemian and is known from its combination of romance, airiness, simplicity, and crazy mix of colors. Boho style is the best for exceptional locations, such as rural property and houses, parks, forests and romantic gardens. To recall the charm of bohemian, when decorating the church or wedding hall please choose the compositions of wild or seasonal flowers. The ideal will be chamomile, truss roses, daisies, ears of cereal, fern leaves, poppies, cornflowers, and daisies. Wedding dresses in boho style references derive from folk, rock, and vintage. The most fashionable dresses are with lace, with flounces, feathery but not necessarily in white! Trees adorned with fluttering ribbons will not only look beautiful but also will provide a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. At the wedding tables, you can place a random collection of decorative glasses, and painted plates.

Photo from Westwing

What are your favorite ideas for a wedding theme?


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