20 Halloween Bachelorette Party Ideas

Halloween Bachelor Party

20 amazing and unique ideas & inspirations for your Halloween Bachelorette Party that will work amazingly for every Halloween evening! Why not to combine these two? Wedding planner can help to organize both!

1.Frightful drinks
Of course, Bloody Marry might seem to be the number one choice when it comes to bachelor party drinks and it’s a good one. But not the only one. I’m sure you have seen some of those exciting fogy drinks? Why not to try to do one as a bachelor party fun? I especially like the ideas of pouring the bloody red colored cocktails into a little, fancy bottles labeled “position”, “blood” or “true serum”. To be honest, it’s not the most important what alcohol would you choose. Just pick the bride’s favorite one and put it into a specially decorated glass or bottle.

2.Smoky Martiny! It’s alive!

Would you like to turn that standard drinking into a spooky cocktail that looks like takes straight from the lab? A smoky Marini is the answer! It will certainly turn up the foggy atmosphere of the special evening.

So how to turn a regular martin into an exciting smokey one? The secret ingredient is … dry ice! You can easily buy it on-line. The cocktail bubbling and smoking will surely make a wonderful bachelor party fun for you and your girls!

3. Another Beverage perfect for Halloween? Shots in a syringe.

The little shots looking just like a regular hospital – they do look simply amazing. And yes! You should serve it in a syringe. Another idea is to serve them into a test-tube.

4. Unique pumpkin

Thinking how to decorate a Halloween Party pumpkin without working too much. I know, for a lot of us the ideas of carving a pumpkin gets at least a little bit frightening. But we have found a perfect way to skip that part and still end up with a wonderful pumpkin decor. Spray it with a metallic gold color and pimp with some glamorous jets.

5. Pimp your pumpkin 

You can also use a regular black or white paint and them paint some spooky “boo” on it. If you enjoy a bohemian theme as we do, you can easily decorate you pumpkin with some graphic designs. Arrows or dream-catchers will work perfectly. You can also buy some tattoos and place it on a pumpkin.

6. Mason Jars Decor

For some time know mason jars are on top. They look perfectly in rustic, boho arrangements, but works amazingly as a creepy decor too. Spray the jar black and add gold tape to make it look like a mason mummies! You can also pure some wax onto one or wrap it with old, black rug to make it look like a real haunted house lightening.

7. Invitations

Halloween is a wonderful theme to go a little bit crazy with original party invitations. Prepare some clay and make some cut finger packages or simply cover the stationery with red paint to make it look bloody creepy!

 8. Sweet Table

Dessert table is a must have for every proper bachelor party and with a Halloween atmosphere you can make it extremely unique. Jelly eyes, bloody cupcakes, mummies cookies and ghost pop cakes – how amazing is that! If you are not a fun of too much redness simply try spooky white and black stripes. They are elegant, sophisticated but still Halloween. For more color ideas check our latest post with 12 inspiration boards.

9. Spooky salty table

You don’t really like to idea of preparing a sweet dessert display? Try something different – salty table. Take some popcorn or breadstick and arrange a table with Halloween style stationery. As simple as that. To make it a little bit more varied try to add some ‘poison’ tubes filled with sugar drops.

10. Scarry Apples

If you are searching for a little bit more healthy alternative in sake of the future bride shape, arrange an apple table, with divers topping for every one of them.

11. Vax & other last minute ideas

Looking for some last minute decor ideas that you can prepare with almost no pre-shopping? Pure some wax onto a jar, print a scarry sign or use your thread to create some spiderweb. How cool is that!

12. Mask Party

If you would like to add something a little bit more themed to you Halloween bachelor party try to organize the mask ball! You can keep the theme from stationery, through decor up to your disguise of course!

13. Elegant Red

Red on Halloween do not have to be bloody and scary. It can be elegant too. So if your bride is a demanding one, or you just feel that the regular Halloween would not work for her, give a go to elegant red and black combination. Match it with black birdcages and crystals. Add some silver and I can assure you it would look nothing less than amazing together.

14. Glamourous gold

Another elegant color theme? Gold details! It makes everything look so classy!

15. Candlelight

We all know that the lightning is one of the most important elements when it comes to decor and the Halloween theme simply cannot exist without proper light. The obvious ideas – candles! We place them in pumpkin, but let not stop with that. To create a disturbing atmosphere put some candlestick into a simple bottle and let the wax make it a little bit rough. If you can – for a bachelor party chose a venue that what a black crystal chandeliers. It looks really gothic.

16. Scarry Signs

We all love some love signs when it comes to weddings. But why not to incorporate the idea for our Halloween Party?

17. Easy Bloody Cake for the Bride to be

Red velvet cake the perfect choice for a Halloween cake. Decorate it with a bloody frosting, make some scratch in it or put some bloody finger to make it look even more frightening.

18. Table Settings

Do not forget to prepare the proper table setting for you girls. You can simply keep it in the color theme or use some gold pumpkin or r pomegranates for you place cards. The choice is endless.

19. Halloween Ladies Favors

In the end, do not forget to prepare some special gifts for your girls. Our favorite is a vampire set that would be both – surprising and fun. You can also buy some funny bags, decorate it with some scary phrase and place some black and red candies in it. A bottle of blood (wine) would look superb too!

20. Scarry fun

Do not forget to arrange some fun but scary party activities. The (vodka) truth serum might be helpful to reveal all of the bride secrets! A contest for a best-decorated pumpkin seems quite a fun too!

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