Seasonal flowers: Autumn

autumn flowers

As you already know, you can save a lot of money while choosing seasonal flowers. Is there a better reason of using wedding flowers wisely? You will certainly find a better way to spend that money (if not, just ask our wedding planners). And now, have a look at what are autumn flowers!

P olish autumn comes slowly. It starts with frosty mornings and foggy evenings. Sunflowers turn their heads towards the sun, leaves are becoming less green and finally start to fall. Kitchens and gardens are full with yellow, orange, red, purple and brown accents.
Vivid, contrasting colours – that is how you can describe autumn flowers in a nutshell. It is precisely this part of the year when you can easily afford marsala red or pop of color wedding themes. Be sure to take advantage of that and mix all the autumn flowers and their colors as you like!

This time we present a list of autumn flowers.

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