Beautifulday Wedding Planners: our realizations vol. 1 – 2002-2009

In our beautifulday wedding planners company, we do believe to be quite lucky being able to combine our passion with work. And we really do love our company history. Is quite a thing for us to be the first wedding agency in our country and we are so proud of our inheritance. That is why, we’ve decided to share our history with you today, presenting realizations from 2002 – 2009.

The year 2002 – it seems such a long time ago. From this time we’ve gained quite a lot of experience, learning how to be the best at what we do. We’ve met so many wonderful people and were fortuned to be able to witness so many unforgettable emotions.  That is why we’ve often say that when we are not only helping our couples to organize their wedding day, but to create the memories, lifetime memories, that they will be able to cherish every day of their future married life.

We look at the pictures with almost unspeakable sentiment, but for us, it is also the unique opportunity to realize how wedding trends, fashion and traditions change and evolve. It’s quite amazing to observe how deferent it all were just couple years ago. Different Wedding Planners OfferDifferent decorations, hairstyles, venues and very different wedding gowns. Even photography style has changed quite a deal. The one thing that’s really immutable are the feelings. All the emotions that come with trying on your wedding dress for the first time, witnessing a couple first look or the face of a father leading his daughter to the altar. Those emotions are timeless.

Today we share with you all this emotions, people and fashions. We share our history that is made up of so many different, but yet each time the most beautiful days.

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