Best Wedding Photos of 2015 by MyWed

Ken Pak Photography

Ken Pak Photography

A couple of days ago MyWed made the choice, showing us a 100 of the best wedding photographs of 2015 throughout the World.

We know how special photography is when it comes to weddings. You can skip the videographer, stunning decor, or some of the wedding traditions, but every one needs wedding photos. Why? Cause they are and will always be the most vivid & special memory of the day.

The end of the year meant a resume for a lot of us. For photographers too. My Wed – professional photographers association chose hundred best shoots of last year. Most of them are really exceptional. For us, the most amazing ones are those which capture the moment. Whose which immortalize the very special, unforgettable atmosphere of the day.

What’s more, we were really pleased to see a couple of photos from Poland! Among them – the most amazing photo from Star Wars Wedding in Zakopane, we’ve recently written about.

Do enjoy & please let us know which one of them you like best!


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