What you need to know about black and white wedding

black and white wedding

Have you ever noticed that we are surrounded by an abundance of various contrasts making our world intriguingly absorbing and mesmerizing? Good constantly faces evil, the ugly envy the beautiful, the fire plays with the water. Yet, what is the most prominent contrast that shall never fade? Black and white, of course. There are no other colors that differ so visibly, but so cohesively as well. And despite their extremes, they do form a perfect combination of always-on-top elegance and sheer purity. Why do not use them as the main colors and create a stylish black and white wedding!

After all…“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”. Expose your soul then and show your guests that apart from love, black and white is all you need!

So where to begin our chequered journey? First of all, pink flowers, multitone jellies and flagrant decorations are not really what we are looking for this time. Colours of the rainbow are generally not welcome. Thus pretty. The contrastive minimalism shall delight all your guests with its grandeur by giving all the decor an elegant look. Send your beloved guests those elegant white invitations in a black matt envelope decorated in white beadings. They will know that an unforgettable ceremony is to be held. Be sure to keep all the table vignettes in the same taste. Each of your guests will feel exceptional. Believe me!

White is the symbol of purity, but also innocence. No wonder it’s the bride’s dress colour. Let’s keep it that way then. Your elegant white wedding dress shall comprise an outstanding contrast with your partner’s pure black suit. No more navy blue outfits – let’s go Back in black!

Compose your dream wedding bunch by making it white and pure. Well.. Don’t we have those beautiful white gardenias, tuberoses, lilies, freesias as well as a bunch of other white as snow flowers? There is nothing more suitable than a white wedding bouquet clutched by a breathtaking wife-to-be.

When white purity meets black elegance it’s sure that your wedding decorations will embrace the wedding hall or venue with a pinch of retro style which is so popular nowadays. Black and white balloons, white candlesticks, elegant chequered honeycombs, black table crystals, white porcelain accompanied by black tray cloth, champagne bottles wrapped with white thick ribbons and those stunning white roses or tulips next to each plate. White classic candles shall disperse all darkness and provide you with a cosy, yet unique, atmosphere. Cover a plain black satin runner with white delicate feathers. Need something a little bit fresher? Bring a jar and fill it with the quintessence of purity – lilies of the valley. Their sweet fragrance will please every neighbour. Order a three-tier wedding cake covered with pearl white glaze and black ribbon-like stripes and everyone shall be tempted to taste it.

Oh yes, let’s talk about your beloved guests without whom your big day would be incomplete. They can also constitute a charming black and white unity – use the invitation sheet to inform them about the preferable black and white wedding dress-code. Not only would it sound unique, but also, hey, doesn’t any woman feel comfortable, tempting and elegant in a black dress? The other thing is, practically every one of them already has a nifty little black dress in a wardrobe just waiting for that perfect occasion to finally take her off from the hanger and wear it. Together with a white clutch purse and white high heels it shall form a perfect wedding confection. But black is not the only possible dress colour here. Ladies! White is no longer bride-restricted! Finally, a wedding without prejudices and superstitions where a female wedding guest in a white dress shall be a symbol of freshness and style rather than jealousy and faux-pas.

The last, but not least. Do you hear it? Yes, it’s the music rushing through the tables inviting you to the dancefloor. On a black and white wedding party, you don’t want your music to be random. No, not SOME music. Create a wedding with THE music that shall be exceptional and shall fit in the wedding’s atmosphere. Billy Idol’s White Wedding, Michael Jackson’s Black or white, Amy Winehouse’s Back to black, Cream’s White room, Man in black by Johnny Cash or Ram Jam’s Black Betty are only a few examples of well-known hits being perfect for your black and white chequered dance floor.

We love photos, don’t we? The more the better. Sure. What is the current weddings’ must-to-be that you’ve noticed? Exactly… A photo booth! We totally love it. Every wedding guest is crazy about it. But why follow a cornball idea that shall only please, but not surprise your guest? Let’s be honest – an elegant black and white wedding DOES NOT match the colorful sparkling photo booth standing in the corner. But all of those photos… It would be a pity not to have them, right? Don’t worry. There is nothing better than externalizing your retro black and white big day ceremony with a classic and never out-of-date Polaroid. An elegant ready-to-take photo will be your wedding party’s hit and will decorate every guest’s house afterwards.

The variety of black and white wedding ideas are countless. One might say that a theme like that is simply too gloomy and too serious, but those who cherish a little bit of sassiness would adore it. Make your wedding party unforgettable by creating an exceptional retro atmosphere and a place where the underestimated black and white elegance shall be appreciated anew.

Back in the back

Of a Cadillac .

….or a white vintage 80’s Mustang with a big black ribbon on its hood!


Inspiration and photos’ source: http://greenweddingshoes.com/modern-black-white-wedding-inspiration/


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