Wedding Architect: Blush Romance

Wedding classic. Something that almost every bride adores – fresh, light and romantic theme, with powder pink flowers in the foreground. Amazingly subtle, almost elusive – blush romance.

Although light pink goes smoothly with any shiny color, we do adore to combine it with gold, or rose gold – even better. This combination has a nice, but no too obvious touch and in the end it looks really smart. With this colors, all you need to do to create an hounting, romantic atmosphere is to add to that a vast amount of fresh flowers – peonies & white roses preferably. Works every time.

Decorations? We did incorporated a gold bird cages filled with more flowers. Wedding gown? If you dare (and we hope you do) try to pick a wedding dress in a very light pink shade. It’s almost a classic white, but do has an original touch to it, especially when you chose between traditional princess shape dresses.  A signature drink? A rose lemonade or a watermelon martini. Additionally, you can always go with a golden champagne, of course.

Gold foil is such a big trend right now and with this theme it is so easy to incorporate it into your wedding stationery.  It always looks elegant with rosy color palette – from classical lacy details to modern, geometric design. As the leading theme are flowers you can easily highlight it by decorating your wedding cake with them. Buttercream rose cakes look really elegant. To astonish your guests arrange a fresh, hanging flowers backdrops – behind newlyweds table and as a photo booth or sweet table backdrop too. If you can host a wedding outside – it would look even more impressive. Please remember – when it comes to flowers – the more the better. So when you chose a theme like that, focus on them to create an unforgettable, garden, spring atmosphere.

The theme is sweet so do go a little bit crazy and add an additional candy touch to it. A sweet cotton as a favors? Why not. If you believe it would be too much for you guests – use it as a part of a dessert buffet or the kids zone fun.

So if you are a romantic, delicate type of woman – the theme is made for you. Almost like a fairytale, with an equally happy ending to it, we hope 🙂


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