Boathouse in Warsaw makes urban boho wedding possible!

Boho wedding without escaping out of the city? Is it possible!

boho wedding

We have seen thousands of boho wedding inspirations and even more beautiful venues to throw a boho party. Mostly situated somewhere far away, out in the wild. But here we are! For Beautifulday Wedding Planners impossible is nothing. Welcome to our urban boho wedding in Boathouse.

W hile stumbling on pictures from beautiful weddings of Kate Moss, Kelly Clarkson or Ashley Tinsdale we tried to figure out, if there is a place to organize an urban boho wedding. Now we can admit, you can find a perfect boho wedding place even in a city center! It does not have to be all about floral meadow, charming copse or picturesque see shore. Freedom, youthfulness and motion – these are the words describing urban boho wedding. So, what about Warsaw? Precisely, Warsaw’s city center and Vistula river’s green waterfront. Unbelievable? But it is possible! The answer is Boathouse! We are pleased to guide you through our ideas for a boho wedding in this beautiful unusual place – Boathouse in Warsaw!

This place is unlike any other. Although situated on the riverside, it is in the city center. Entirely kept in the marine style only with minimalistic décor – as a real boathouse. That intentional lack of details has made the interior sophisticated, raw and yet cozy. But still the big deal is what is outside! Beautiful and big summer garden is giving you the space and the ease, almost impossible to find in a big city like Warsaw. Only river and nature counts there.


Let’s start the wedding preparations with bride’s look. This time it will be all about delicacy and lightness. Boho wedding gown should indicate girly innocence and frivolity. That means ethereal, soft materials should be used. Everything that can be blown by the wind will be perfect. And a little bit of lace here and there – it is also adequate. However, an important part of wedding dress is shoulders’ exposition. Usually boho bride’s shoulders should stay uncovered, although there is a rising trend of long-sleeved dresses. The choice is yours, but rather follow seasonal temperature diagrams. And do not worry, if your dress does not have too many shiny elements. The more natural look the better.


Some describe bohemian style as braids and wreaths. That is true, it fits in this style perfectly. But remember that nothing looks more fresh and natural than simple, loose hair. Still, there are many beautiful ways to decorate them with flowers or graceful jewelry. However, maybe you prefer your hair to be tight together in one place, and not waving around that freely? No problem, there is a solution! You can do a bun and decorate it with one or two big fresh flowers. Finally, do not overdo your makeup with loads of eye shadow and blush. In this case the less, is the better. Remember that boho wedding style means natural look.


Do not forget about the groom! As you are a perfect match in life you also need to be style twins on your wedding day. There are two best ways to have your loved one accompany you with this bohemian theme. If you prefer it more elegant and sophisticated, we recommend each Groom to wear white shirt with a tie, a vest and a jacket on it. And do not necessarily stick to black and white! Make him experiment with colors. Boho wedding gives you a free hand with all types of materials. Even velvet or corduroy, use it! On the other hand, if you prefer your outfits to be less formal but still chic, try simple shirt, no matter the color, combined together with fun bow-tie and suspenders. Of course, flowers are needed!


Flowers are definition of boho! Florists fortunately have a wide range of freedom here and their ideas can be taken over by their creativity. Brides bouquet can be small, big, long as well as high. It does not have to be perfectly shaped or symmetrical. Even if it is made from different flowers and rather resamples artistic mess than perfect match – that is it! Simply do not forget to add some greenery. Fern’s leaves, straws or reeds will be perfect. If it makes your bouquet looks real and natural it means it is ideal.


Decorations create atmosphere at every wedding. Hopefully there are some simple ways to do them perfectly boho without spending a fortune on it. So if you would like your big day to stay as a memorable remembrance in your guests heads – invest in some basic elements. For example the flower arc! Yet the whole ceremony is about everyone looking at you, with a beautiful, spectacular background behind your back. Nothing else is needed.


Try to use natural materials instead of plastic or metal. Especially when it comes to furniture. Big tables, benches, barrels, wooden boxes, even a swing will add this desired folksy and home-grown effect to your wedding decorations. The other elements, such as stationery, sitting plan and gifts for guests, you may choose from a variety of designs. I have picked up the ones, that do not only match boho wedding style, but will be a rightful part of it. They should bring your guests back to the best moments and memories even after the big day.

As any other element of boho wedding puzzle also cake does not require perfection. In this case the ideal one is simple, in pastel colors, decorated with flowers or fruits. A good example is so called naked caked! Fluffy biscuits layered with creamy mass, decorated with fruits. No unnecessary glace. That is all. I usually imagine it to be strawberry flavor – it reminds me summer.

What would be your favorite cake flavor during a boho wedding in a Boathouse in Warsaw?


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