How to make bottle centerpiece DIY ideas

To do a handmade decorations is really an easy thing. Especially if you have several empty beer bottles! Use them for DIY bottle centerpiece.

bottle centerpiece

STEP No. 1: Remove the labels.
Put the bottles into a vessel with hot water and soap. Paper labels and glue should get wet and slippery. Then remove them all using sponge.

STEP No. 2: Decide to use bare bottles or to decorate them.
If you like, use bare bottles without any etceteras. Firstly glue them one next to each other on a wooden basis. Afterwards use a twine or a ribbon to tie them together as a bouquet.

STEP No. 3: Prepare materials.
You may use them all or choose those that you have got at home. It is up to you!

– rubber bands – to support

– glue – for matching

– wood board – as a basis

– twine – to tie a bottle fully or on a piece

– ribbons – to garnish a cap or to tie it around by twisting

– spray – to do a gold shading or frosted glass effect

– fabric – jute, tulle or fabric you like, to cover the cap or whole bottle

– ribbons – to cover rubber band or to tie

– flowers – artificial to hide joints, fresh to put into the bottles

– candles – instead of flowers you can use long candles

STEP No. 4: Mix materials.
It is up to you, how to use materials you have got. You may frost the whole bottle or leave some shiny lines on it. Simply tie few pieces of twine or ribbon and then make a gold frosting. You will see an effect.

The same goes with fabric. Cover the whole bottle and put a rubber band under the cap or cut wide tulle belt and stick it to the glass in the middle of bottle. Finish it with a ribbon stripe and artificial flower.

Have a look at DIY photo tutorial and use your imagination to experiment.



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