Bridelle book – review of wedding bible

The first information about the Bridelle book I received  on 2nd April. Since then I was wonder how it will look like. I was bored with all the wedding guides. We were missing something special and unique on our market. So when I found out it is going to happen, I wanted to see the final result as soon as possible. And on Friday’s late afternoon, I received a parcel 🙂

A big and heavy box arrived into my hands. Karolina thought about every detail. The pink ribbon and thank you card was added. A little thing but made a big smile on my face 🙂 I took it out and… I have to admit that the Bridelle team achieved the wow effect. The Bridelle book has a nice big format and hardcover.
An impression is bigger when you open it. When you touch fantastic paper, 336 glossy cards, and see fantastic photographs! I like the idea of presenting 17 themes. Each has dedicated photo session so you do not need to imagine how the dress, shoes or invitations look like.
The short comment gives you information how to create this scenography. But it is not the end. DIY and typography section gives you more information like:
  • what colors you should use
  • what flowers match with this theme
  • what are the keywords of this style
All brides should buy this book before they start to plan their wedding. It should be a wedding bible as Cosmopolitan journalist said. When you know what you are looking for, you can save a lot of time and nerves. Choosing the style at the beginning, you will find not only a right venue but also all the vendors who help you to keep the style. The full list with contact details you will find in a Bridelle wedding guide which is added to the Bridelle book.
To be honest, I am glad I am not the bride. Even when I open the book every day, just to have a look and dream… I could not decide which style I should use, I love them all.

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