Bristol Wedding (Warsaw Wedding Venues) – our visit in a luxury venue in the City Center

As we’ve just come back from a well-know, 5 stars hotel in Warsaw – Bristol, where we were invited in order to see the newly renovated ball and conference rooms, we have a couple of  ideas that we can’t wait to share with.

As it’s needless to say that the Warsaw Bristol Hotel is one of the best hotels in Warsaw, we won’t be talking about the luxury, comfort and high standard of it. That’s quite obvious if it comes to five stars hotel. What is remarkable however, is that above all that, as I’ve become convinced ones more today, Hotel Bristol is a very special place. Why? Because there is no other high-class hotel in Warsaw that combines the tradition & modernity, the history & trends and do it so well, that it creates almost perfect, splendid harmony.

Splendor. An excellent first thought that comes to my mind when thinking about the new ballroom Chopin. Do you remember the latest Wedding Architect Theme Great Gatsby? I simply can not imagine a better place for a reception like that. A wonderful, breathtaking art deco gold & crystal chandeliers, ornamented mirrors and a delightful wooden dance floor. And the location? The very heart of the city.

What I personally adored about the hotel is the exceptional attention to décor details. The wallpaper that matches the chairs, the finest quality oak floor, the chandelier crystals which gentle, soundless movement gives the impression of the piano playing or the carpet patterns that suits the ceiling perfectly. And the lift? So glamorous, so elegant, so art nouveau and so wonderfully old-fashioned that you cannot help yourself from thinking of all the history it had seen. We also appreciate the names of each room. They all refer to the history of the place, which creates a wonderful opportunity to show your foreign wedding guests an incredibly beautiful part of Polish history that the hotel holds.

Not convinced yet? Then tell us – how do you fell about spending your wedding night or a bridal shower in the very same room that Rolling Stones created their music? Or in the room that the founder of the place – Paderewski, an outstanding Polish pianist and the father of Polish independence, had signed the most important documents and hosted the highest political level meeting?  Or have a conference where Kossak created the most remarkable paintings in his hotel atelier? All that surrounded by the sound of rehearsals of the Chopin piano contents participates. If you do, there Warsaw Wedding Venue – Bristol Hotel is the perfect place for you.

You can choose your wedding venue in the Hotel from a couple of places: the restaurants – Marconi I, Marconi II or Marconi III or the Slowacki and the newest Chopin ballroom I’ve described above. We can host you a party Bristol Wedding in any of Bristol ballroom/restaurant you desire.

As the Hotel service cares about every little detail of every visit, to finish with a sweet touch, the Bristol had prepared something really special just for us – a little cake called Tort Bristol. This’s how we’ve had an opportunity to try and discover a perfect favor idea for your wedding in the Hotel. A chocolate covered, nutty, amaretto, plum dessert, that can be personalized for you and your guests.


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