Ceremony outside registry office

Photo by Iwona Dziuk

Finally, a long-awaited change in legislation came to force! Now you are able to organize a wedding outside registry office. From 1st March 2015 it is possible to get married outside the registry office and it is legally bind!

What are the first steps?

A t the beginning remember to double check what kind of documents you need to book a date for the ceremony. Do not forget to ask about the procedure to get married outside the registry office. The easiest way is to call the registry office in the municipality where you intend to marry. More information about that you find below. As soon as you collect all the documents and come to Poland to sign the final one, you will have to apply for outside marriage. If the civil registrar is friendly, you will be allowed to send it by post too. There is no single form to fill in. The application needs to contain:

  • your names,
  • a name and address of the place of ceremony,
  • a statement that you secure a solemn form of the ceremony,
  • and safety for all the persons present at the ceremony.

The place also needs to preserve the solemn form and safety of all the persons present at the ceremony. If not, then the official / civil registrar can refuse your statement about getting married on the desired location.

For instance, your chosen place for a ceremony is a castle. The official is allowed to make his own decision if the place meets the requirements or not. It is your next task on the „wedding to do list“ how to secure the form and safety.

What happens if the official refuse to come on requested date and time?

If your date is fully booked or there is no time for traveling back and forward, the official will propose another day. It is how it should be done. But there are some cities like Krakow, where everything must be done a different way. There are only a few designated dates for outsides‘ ceremonies. That is why so import to check availability also at registry office when planning a wedding.

How much does it cost? The fee is about 1000 PLN. It was calculated due to the flat rate costs of participation of the official. It also cannot be bigger than 50% of the average wage in the national economy. For your information, the fee is a municipality income. The exemption from fees concerns the case of a person who is deprived of liberty or life or health is threatened.

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