Chair signage at Your Sweetheart Table!

Using our ideas you will feel like a royal pair sitting en face guests.

chair signage

Let’s thinking about how to personalize your wedding party so that it shall remain unforgotten not only for you and your love, but also all of the guests invited.

W e all know that the wedding’s decor is the number one organizational point. Here we can think about unique cutlery, marvelous flowers, neatly ornamented candles or every single detail that shall embellish your wedding’s venue. Who is, however, the star of the tonight’s wedding show? Sure, the married couple!

Using our ideas you will feel like a royal pair sitting on those very special places en face your beloved guests. Let us introduce the ideal signage that will change bride’s and groom’s chairs into real unique thrones for the chosen ones.

The multitude of various types of chair signage is astonishing. They shall meet even the highest expectations and delight those the most demanding couples.

signage for the chairs

Dreaming of an elegant and classy wedding party? No problem. Golden or silver curved “Mrs” and “Ms” will fit perfectly with all the decors chosen. Want something more official? Sure, you will love the “Bride” and “Groom” writing hanging on your wedding chairs backs, composing perfectly with the elegant tablecloth, wine glasses and gold runners.

signage for the chairs

Maybe you would prefer to express your feelings more? The wooden and delicate “his” and “hers” signage for your spring outdoor wedding party is the ideal choice and an unique way of saying “I love you”. And speaking of love… your chair signage board’s vows can be even more intimate. What about “His darling” and “Her beloved“? Or “The anchor” and “The sail” – those two especially if you plan to decorate the venue with marine style. Less serious, but perfect for semi-formal reception would be “Im with Her” and “Im with Him” wooden boards.

signage for the chairs

The important thing is to adjust a signage style to the overall venue decoration. You may frame chair signage with green branches or add some flowers similar to once in bouquet. Sometimes even single ribbon will be enough. Remember about those basic rules, but finally it is you Sweetheart Table, and you can personalise chair signage as you want.

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