Country Wedding – Patrycja & Albert

However they say that this kind of modest, elusive wedding does not really happened in Poland – where people are so attached to our traditions and strict expectations of the others – with today’s real wedding photo reportage we’d like to show you that they do. Although ironically, when you take a look at the magical photo shots of Ewa Szumowska from, that seems more like the whimsical tale pictures, it may not be so obvious.

When I first saw the wedding of Partycja & Albert, I’ve almost felt in love with it. Because it is a rare pleasure to see the lightness of a wedding style, stunning simplicity of the venue, astonishing beauty of the bride and the bewildering aura that is so vivid, rich and intense, that you can almost fell the mystical atmosphere of the day. Wonderful Polish rural landscapes and wooden warm of the cottage. The marvelous peace of the place that feels like some deserted wonderland. All that combined with so many emotions and genuineness. And the bride? A humble Gypsophila flowers crown and bouquet, a delicate bolero and the white gown feathers. You would not believe how well it all goes together until you see it. Then – you are just stunned. Stunned by the newlyweds natural look, the cabin where the preparation of the couple took place and the venue itself. Whether it’s vintage, boho or rustic (or all at once) – I cannot say. It’s just magical. And that it a lot more than any wedding theme.

In a word? A simplicity. A transcendent simplicity in its pure form. That’s how I would describe the wedding day of Patrycja & Albert which took place last fall in Gościniec Jaczno (Sudovia). A modest wedding devoid of elegant décor and sumptuous dinner, but filled with love, warm and laughs instead. A bride that is not afraid to be judged by the others when picking up the next glass of alcohol, a passionate, almost erotic kisses in the center of the chamber and the most remarkable group picture – so alive that it almost blurs all of my distance to this part of wedding photography. And the idea of a weekend-long wedding experience, planned with family dinner the day before and joined grill the day after? Simply perfect. However, even though that Patrycja & Alberts’ wedding was not quite a typical Polish reception, the couple still found a place for all of the beautiful Polish custom we’ve recently written about – the bread & salt, blessing, throwing coins and midnight ‘oczepiny’.

But despite the very special and intimate atmosphere of the wedding I cannot help myself from thinking that it would not be the same if not the exceptional, mysterious, almost poetic photography of Ewa Szumowska. Not the same at all.  Is it likely to awake so many emotions with a couple of some strangers pictures? Apparently it is. It’s like the photos take you into some parallel dimensions or a mystical part of the world. For every one of us who lead an urban style of life, the photos create a day-dream of a place where time runs slower, every sunset in appreciated and a homemade bread smell fulfils each morning. And after I wonder for a quite some time how is it possible that each frame is so suffused with affection & artistry, I was not really surprised to discover that Ewa Szumowska is indeed an artist, drawing cards and illustrations (Ilustracje od Szumowskiej).

I simply could not help myself with the last part. The music that goes with every wedding presented in (Jacek Gąsiorowski & Ewa Szumowska) portfolio – just listen. In case of Partycja & Albert the song suits more than perfectly. It only shows how much attention and devotion does the studio pays to every couple that has a pleasure to working with them during their wedding day.

So it’s you ever wondered – yes, this kind of enchanted country wedding tales happens in Poland. And those poetic, talented photographers too.  And we are so captivated by them.

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