What you should know about Disco Wedding Style

What comes first to your mind while thinking about the disco wedding style? Definitely FUN! There are, however, many of us who associate the 80’s with kitsch. But no worries, after immersing into our wedding ideas everyone shall be convinced that organizing an 80s disco wedding style is exactly what you need for your big day to remain unforgettable.

This time, we have chosen to organize our wedding session in the one and only Capitol Club in Warsaw with its offbeat style just perfect for your own 80’s Disco Wedding. All captured by the same irreplaceable team: photos taken by Przemek Bednarczyk from BedurWeddings and videographers from Studio Ślubne.

Let’s rush to the dancefloor! The 80s are back again and so is the Wedding Night Fever.

D for Dance

Every single person knows what the 80s are about. Dancing of course. The more the better. Undoubtedly, this form of entertainment is an integral part of every single wedding, here, however, it’s the primary one. No special moves required. Just feel a little bit funky and invite all your guest to the flashing dance floor and watch the Eventroom’s disco balls. They can spin around but also can be used in everywhere, on stairs, on a candy bar or a wedding cake. You can choose disco balls as your theme in your disco wedding style! Freestyle approached kindly welcomed. Encourage your guest to improvise a vivid and cheery dance steps and get carried away. Bring a beamer with the original and never-too-old Saturday Night Fever and project it on the wall. John Travolta on your wedding party? Sounds perfect!

I for Innovation

Why not mixing the classic 80s style trends with the contemporary ideas? While having a typical 80s dancefloor we can add a little bit of today’s stylishness on the table. And here comes the unerring Magic Gastro Service with the elegant, yet well-adjusted black plates that shall please each of your guests. Additionally, we have decided to choose the MRs Design’s letter paper which, with its all beauty, forms a perfect unity not only with the Disco ornaments but also with all of the other innovative decorations added. Gold and glossy, menus and name cards look perfect on the black and white tablecloth, ideal for your disco wedding style!

S for Sweets

Oh, we love them. Everybody does! Be sure then not to forget about something for the gourmands! Even choosing a Disco as your wedding style you should remember to coddle all of your loved ones by ordering sweets. Thanks to Candy Manufacture (Manufaktura Cukierków) the colorful and delicious lollipops and candies shall constitute a cute as a button edible decoration. They fit perfectly the colorful disco wedding theme, but, first and foremost, are a sweet surprise for everyone invited to the table! All the lollipops and candies are gone? No worries, our “sweet” team from Słodko w Ustach is here with their amazing candy bar and wedding cake. Look at those shapes and colors! A real piece of art and heaven in every single detail of their work shall constitute a pleasant (and tasty!) accompaniment on your Disco Wedding Style. Every single handmade colorful muffin, jars of little jellies, and this fantastic wedding cake with the disco ball on its top. Now that’s a real 80s wedding style!

C for Clothing

Finally, now’s the part that we have been waiting for. During your Disco Wedding you would certainly like to look glammy, but on the other hand elegant and stunning. It’s not a problem for us, and, to be more precise, for Laurelle team with their fantastic wedding dresses ideas. While wearing a ravishing wedding dress like that the only thing that you need more are those adorable and glossy high-heels from KSIS Showroom. Perfect! But uncomfortable after hours of dancing. Change your elegant heels for classic Converse sneakers and off to the dance floor you go! Our models Gabriela Picheta and Agnieszka Majchrzak are just dazzling with fabulousness and beauty yet at the same time are fitting ideally with the 80s pattern. While one of our models is holding a pink, violet and blue wedding bouquet, the other one is delighted every eye sitting on a colorful flower swing set.

Both models’ makeup and hairdresser have been handled by our outstandingly talented artist Agnieszka Gut. The delicate makeup combines perfectly with the neatly composed hairstyle. Our session brides’ jewellery has been prepared manually by Gosia from PiLLow Design. Gorgeous red long earrings are “must have” on your disco wedding style list! Our male model, Maciej Mąka, wears a classical wedding and perfectly fitted suit with a funky bow tie. Yes, he also feels the disco!

O for Ornaments

Even though our main wedding session’s motif is the blazing disco ball, we decided to add some more decorations just to make sure your Disco Wedding Style shall be perfect. Colorful flowers on the tables, classic striped tablecloths, glossy gold cutlery, candles, elegant wine glasses, little disco ball decorations, violet and dark blue flowers on each table, elegant table numbers, perfectly fitted menus with gold letters, classical vignettes. All of this perfectly combined unity has been prepared by the G-fiore Floral Studio which has transformed the Capitol Club into a real elegant 80s Disco Wedding Reception.

After all that mentioned, what about the wedding ceremony itself? There’s no better place than the Capitol Theatre. Just imagine the love spectacle with all of your guests as your private audience. Even the most romantic theatre play is not as magical as the moment of your and your husband’s “ I do” resonating in the theatre.

As you see an 80’s Disco Wedding Style doesn’t have to be fussy. Our wedding session provides you with a variety of wedding ideas to organize an elegant yet funky wedding that shall please all of the invited ones.

Immerse into the disco and let the Saturday Night Fever carry you along!

 This session was made by awesome:

Organization – Beautifulday – Wedding Planners
Photo – BedurWeddings
Video – Studio Ślubne
Venue – Teatr Capitol
Wedding dresses – Laurelle

Hair & Makeup styling – Agnieszka Gut
Flowers and Decorations – Pracownia Florystyczna G-fiore
Wedding cake and sweets – Słodko w Ustach
Sweets – Manufaktura Cukierków
Candy bar decoration – Pracownia Florystyczna G-fiore

Wedding Jewellery – PiLLow Design
Wedding shoes – Showroom KSIS, Converse
Wedding Stationery – MRs Design
Disco balls –
Black plates – Gastro Magic Services
Models – Agnieszka Majchrzak, Gabriela Picheta, Maciej Mąka

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