Your very own DONUT wedding cake.

Donut Wedding Cake

We all know that apart from all the decoration, music, perfectly fitted dresses and neatly prepared suits the wedding party’s MENU does matter. A lot. It’s the primal detail to be discussed while organizing every event. All the food and beverage will provide your guests with the energy needed to dance till morning hours.

Yet, there is one very exceptional moment during your wedding party right after midnight. The CAKE! Everyone is waiting for it. Sure. However, you would not like it to be random, right? Throw away all those boring white-glazed three-layer cake and let’s introduce something new and fresh. Ladies and gentleman, introducing the one and only Donut Wedding Cake! Really fun way to celebrate your big big day. And an original one too! Just imagine how surprised shall your guests be while bringing a colorful tall tree made of donuts. And the little ones shall love it as well.


The donut wedding cake seems to take the crown not only on American, but also European weddings. This classical US goody continuously gains popularity among all of those who are willing to introduce something new into their wedding menu. The variety of sizes, tastes, glaze colors and additives is extremely vast, so every single person can create his (or hers) ideal and personalized wedding cake. Another thing is that it is much cheaper than ordering a typical wedding cake from a good patisserie. And it’s definitely not labor-intensive! You can decorate it with ribbons and flowers or with whatever you wish. Doesn’t it sound perfect?


A cake like that fits every wedding theme perfectly – are you organizing an elegant wedding ball? A dark chocolate golden-glazed donut cake shall combine perfectly with all of the decorations chosen. Have you decided to have a spring-colored party? Colorful glazes and flowers shall compose ideally with all the donuts. Or, maybe, you’d like your party to be planed for winter? No problem. White edible pearls and a silver glade on your donut wedding cake will please every single guest.

We love traditions. True. Sometimes, however, it’s worth thinking about some new and fresh ideas for your wedding party to remain unforgettable. Apart from neatly prepared decorations, ideal cutlery and original flowers a donut wedding cake shall make your wedding menu a little bit way-out, but interestingly original.


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