Sweet Inspirations: donuts wedding

Fat Thursday, locally called “Tłusty Czwartek”. The boisterous celebration of the last week of the carnival. How can you use the tradition at your wedding? Create a very unique donuts wedding!

Poland has its own version of the French Mardi Gras. It’s a catholic tradition similar to celebration of gluttonous indulgence as in other countries, but the date is bungled. Fat Thursday is this special day when no one count calories and everyone queue up in lines (sometimes stretching around the corner) just to buy the best pastries from the local bakery. What are we purchasing exactly? Doughnuts, actually a large, deep-fried doughnuts usually filled with rose jam and glazed with iced sugar, topped with candied orange peel. And we a lot of them. Yes, more than one at once.

Regardless the day, doughnuts can be amazing to use at your wedding – as a buffet, sweet table element, favours or wedding cake. Just look for yourself and pick your idea for a doughnuts wedding. They are tasty, pretty and unique. And what’s better than a doughnut? A wall of doughnuts! 


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