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While planning reception as unusual as a wedding, we try to refine decorations in the smallest details. We pay attention to the colours, flowers and even fonts. For the Young Couple it is very important to adjust the pattern of invitations to the wedding theme and to supervise the tables embellishment. They check if the venue surrounding is rightly elegant and gifts for the guests properly wrapped. It is crucial to make all the décor elements coherent. The same applies to guests attire! They should fit to the overall concept. Therefore, information about the wedding dress code is not irrelevant.


If you care about the guests attire or prefer to choose the overall style for common pictures, that is a set of dress code rules you should write on the invitation. 

White tie

This dress code refers mainly to men suit, but at the same time it clearly suggests the overall style. In other words, it is a full dress or tail coat. Possibly the most elegant outfit. In case of men it must be a tailcoat with a white bow tie. For women this means an evening gown or long ball dress and no open-toe shoes. The handbag should be small and jewellery preferably with gemstones.

Black tie
Known as cravate noire or diner jacket, it commits men to wear tuxedo and a black bow tie. Women may come dressed in an evening gowns or cocktail dresses. Their decision should be based on what kind of the venue is chosen for the reception. Obviously, elegant headdress and makeup are as much important!

Tenue de ville

This statement suggests informal wedding style. Nevertheless, even if informal it still has its rules. The first one is that men should wear only dark suits. Women, depending on a season and a kind of a venue, may choose from dresses, suits, tailor-made dresses and cocktail dresses. Elegant pantsuits are also allowed. Important information is that if there is no dress code information in an invitation, this dress code is valid for the reception.

That is the basis to choose from. Naturally, you can always make your own notes and improvements! Simply add an adjective that refers to the wedding theme you have chosen.

What will be your wedding dress code?


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