Wedding Architect: Eco Wedding

eco wedding

Today we would like to introduce you our brand new baby, the ultimate level of wedding planning – a Wedding Architect Project along with the first wedding theme – Eco Wedding.

Wedding architecture. It may sound a little bit bizarre at first but, in a nutshell, a Wedding Architect is simply a Wedding Planner Plus+.

The name of our Project wasn’t accidental. We’ve decided that Wedding Architect will smoothly bring out what the service is all about – building your wedding day from a scratch. From a wedding theme and venue, through stationery, decorations, bridesmaid’s gifts and favors unto bridal look and first dance song choice. Instead of you or beside you. Depends on how busy and how inventive you are.  Of course – the final choice of wedding theme is all yours!

In the nearest blogging future, we will dedicate a whole separate post to take you into details of the service., where we will also try to convince you to invite us (as wedding planners) to your wedding.

But the WA initiative is more than that.  Today, on our blog, we are launching with an innovative, inspiring and exciting series – ‘Wedding Planner – (amazing) wedding theme’, so you can taste how a Wedding Architecturie works. So you can get inspired and dive with us into a beautiful world of weddings.

To begin with – something fresh, something modern, something environmentally conscious – Eco Green.


WEDDING HARMONY – motive, colors, details:

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