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first look

First Look – exceptional moment during a wedding day. First time when newlyweds-to-be see each other fully dressed and prepared for the wedding ceremony. A moment shared by only bride and groom, away from wedding party. Preferably captured by a photographer.

first look

The big day preparations start early and then time flies. Firstly hairstyles for ladies then makeups and finally dressing. At the same time someone has to pick up flowers and set name cards. Not to mention a walk with a dog and a lunch that you should not skip. A list of things to do in the nick of time is long. At last, before you can say ‘It is today’, you are already married, slicing your wedding cake.

Yes, wedding days go by fast. Do your best to celebrate every single minute, especially at the big day. Note down first look as a must, make it a part of your big day schedule. Give yourself a chance to stop for a while and stare at each other. With a first look you get an extra time before the fest. It is a moment to be together in two and to enjoy each other company. You shall calm down, relax and then move on slowly for the ceremony. Starting festivities without having needless thoughts in mind you will remember much more from it.

Necessarily discuss first look details with you photographer. You should choose an outdoor or indoor place and possible scenography. Operator will surely keep a distance and ensure you privacy. The only problem is that you may start to cry seeing your partner look so exceptional 🙂


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