Folk Wedding – endless colors of Poland

Make your bridal look unforgettable and demonstrate your roots.

Folk Wedding

Have you ever considered adding a touch of folk to your Polish wedding? Or maybe, since you were born here, the colorful joy of folk is your second nature? Either way, folk wedding details may not only make your bridal look unforgettable, but also turn out to be an amazing way to demonstrate your roots.

You may think that traditional Polish wedding theme is far too excessive to try. All those colors, shapes and sounds – you are probably convinced, that you guests from abroad will not like it. But it is not a truth! Not at all! Believe me on not, but foreigners mostly love it!

Of course, we do not try to persuade you to a give a five-day-long reception with 500 relatives straight from south of Poland – as in happens at traditional polish highland weddings. In our mind, it all starts and ends with details. Beloved colorful details.

What we would like to suggest are folk designed invitations, hand painted stationery and as gifts for your bridesmaids. When it comes to stylization you should consider flourish embroidery on your wedding dress, wedding bouquets with a drop of red and yellow and most of all folk floral crowns. How not to fall in love with those? Here tradition meets current trends. Have a look!

We guarantee you – folk accent will give every Polish wedding a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. And finally, among all those classic, white on white, blush, glamorous and romantic weddings – folk wedding will be so original, so refreshing.


Do you like the idea? Should we look for more color possibilities than what a bridal look give you? What about vivid red, blue, yellow and green flowers combined together in centerpieces? Add them also to your wedding cake decor and a little bit more next to old pictures of you grandparents displayed just next to a table plan. Even go through your grandparents attic to find some old wooden chairs. We can paint them with sky-blue paint and decorate with vibrant ribbons. Along with a family wooden cottage they can become a perfect prop for your wedding photo session. Or simply be used as outstanding chairs for Newlyweds.

Get inspired. Inspired in Polish.


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