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Probably you have already seen photos from the incredible travels of Murad and Nataly Osmann. All marked with the hashtag # follow me to. But what about their wedding photos? Was a wedding planner needed?

T he first photo they made by chance, in Barcelona, while strolling around the sunny city. Murad – a photographer – kept “clicking” the camera all day long, at the same time embarrassing fifteen-year-old Nataly. In effect she instinctively pulled him by the hand and turned away. And then capable Murad caught that frame! First follow me to photo have been done. They did not expect that this is the beginning of a great series.



Today they explain their follow me to photos’ idea with those words:

“To love is easy. You only need to open sincerely your heart to the world. The world with an immensely beautiful nature, extraordinarily strong places, extraordinarily talented people, extraordinary history … You just need to open your eyes!!! Exactly about this our project is.”


From Istanbul to Hong Kong to NYC — repeated photo shoots turn into a movement and became popular all over the world. Couple repeated this follow me to idea everywhere during their trips to different destinations all around the world. But what is important, each photo is refined in detail. Female model is always dressed in local clothing and accessories. Each time Nataly takes on a different role and says follow me to…. The concept is so catchy, that they gained follow me to shoot’s copycats.

So how could their engagement and wedding photos look like? Of course, not otherwise then like follow me to photos!


However, this time not only photo frames deserve attention! All the decorations and stenography are absolutely stunning!! Such wedding organization was probably not the easiest, but the result is admirable.


Source: Follo me to travel Bored Panda

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