Gatsby Glamour as your wedding style

The glam combination of majestic gold and mysterious black seems to take the crown of today’s wedding styles. The elegance and accompanied by a pinch of splendour is a never-fading-away pattern enchanting every one who shall ever immerse into its flow. Together with our experts we have organized a Gatsby Glamour wedding styled session to give you a little hint how to make your own glam wedding possible. Great Gatsby wedding style is here!

F irst of all, let’s start from choosing the ideal place. Such a wedding for sure requires a unique location. Therefore, the place for our wedding style session, the four-star JM Hotel in the heart of Warsaw, was a perfect choice. Held on the 28th floor JM Club it formed a fabulous vertical sphere of an elegant éclat.

Going on. How would any wedding be possible without those stunning decorations? Here it is the G-fiore Floristic Studio (original Polish name Pracownia Florystyczna G-fiore) and their initiative that have embellished our Gatsby Glamour wedding session forming a stylish, yet fantastic background. High decoration on the table with lots of flowers like orchids, roses, anemones and feathers of course. A gold sequin tablecloth, crystal glasses, strings of pearls and a lot of candles in gold candlesticks created a unique atmosphere of the 1920s.

Let’s move on to the glamorous element of furniture that, thanks to Rajt – tents and accessories, introduced pure elegance into the JM Hotel’s wedding room. Chairs, even though associated with some basic element of decoration, here do bring a lot of stylishness and a good taste. Our proposition is Chiavari chairs. Their delicate backs decorated with flowers, black satin ribbon, and long white beads together with soft beige seats combine perfectly with gold and black elements of the table and decorations. Ah, and here we are talking about the table itself! Also, the dinnerware that we have chosen is unique. Brought by the fantastic Gastro Magic Services the shining black cutlery, black and gold plates,  ribbon-formed table napkins with a black menu with gold letters inside and simple but charming candlesticks are all that you need for your prestigious Glamour Gatsby wedding style.

Okay, now something for the foodies and all of the gourmands specializing in various sweetnesses of the world. Nowadays a candy bar is a must have. Everyone loves it. Everyone wants it to look as delicious as possible. For our glamour wedding session, we have chosen an ideal candy bar decorated also by G-fiore Floristic Studio. All of these macaronies, cigars, pistachio eclairs, chocolate moelleux, creme brulee as well as wedding cakes were made by Batida. Everything in the colors of Gatsby Glamour wedding style: black and gold with a bit of white.

Finally, let us mention the heroes of the Gatsby Glamour wedding session – the bride and the groom. Our bride’s perfect look is achieved heavily thanks to Agnieszka Gut – the makeup and hairdresser. The glamorous up to combined with a delicate black eye line gives an impression of elegant simplicity and glamorous beauty. The outstandingly fitted and perfectly designed dress has been provided by Salon White, and the classy high-heels Showroom KSIS. Additionally, as every woman loves trinkets, a well-attuned jewellery is always a good idea. Our proposition is the PiLLow Design’s earrings, bracelet, and necklace. The chosen crystal jewellery, however, has been brought by Salon White.

Now the male part. Our groom has been dressed by Buczyński Individual Tailoring. The suit is, of course, tailor-made. A pure white classical shirt, elegant bow tie, and brown shoes together with our bride’s perfect look for a beautiful cohesion. Interestingly, Buczyński offers not only the strictly wedding tailor-made suits but also occasional ones. Throughout the Gatsby Glamour wedding session preparations, we have come across some marvelous stationeries like the one from MRs Design, Artirea and Metier. An ideal icing on the cake and a perfect way to decorate your fantastic glamorous wedding style even more.

And the last but not least! We cannot forget about the person who took these wonderful photos you admire now! Przemek Bednarczyk from BedurWeddings did a fantastic job. Every detail, emotions were all caught. And speaking about a backstage move, Studio Ślubne, fantastic guys who drove hundreds of kilometers just to be with us. They created an unforgettable video, wonderful memories kept in a few minutes!

These are only some of our ideas for your Glamour Wedding. Inspired by the Gatsby himself our experts are willing to organize every single detail of your exquisite and splendorous Great (Gatsby) Day. Because you are worth it!

This session was made by awesome:

Organization – Beautifulday – Wedding Planners
Photo – BedurWeddings
Video – Studio Ślubne
Venue – JM Hotel
Hair & Makeup styling – Agnieszka Gut
Flowers and Decorations – Pracownia Florystyczna G-fiore
Wedding cake and sweets – Batida Marzenie Podniebienia
Candy bar decoration – Pracownia Florystyczna G-fiore

Wedding dresses – Salon White
Wedding Jewellery – PiLLow Design, Salon White
Wedding shoes – Showroom KSIS
Wedding suit – Buczyński
Wedding Stationery – MRs Design, Artirea

Cutlery and dishes – Gastro Magic Service
Chiavari chairs – RAJT Hale namiotowe i wyposażenie
ModelsAnna Żaczkiewicz, Jędrzej Kumoszewski

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