Why you need a drop of gold at your wedding

gold wedding

Regardless of the overall wedding style chosen for the wedding reception, all newlyweds want to make their ceremony stylish and flossy. No matter if it is held in a palace, a garden tent or at the sunny beach, they would like to feel special and posh. It is fully understandable for us. And for all those who are looking for a final accent, we have a little bit of shine – the funkiest of 2016 trends – a drop of gold. Let’s use the most popular theme this season, let’s make a gold wedding!

T he gold foil season has already started, and it will be full of glamorous and chic decorations with Chiavari gold chairs, sequined materials and metal plates. But the biggest advantage of this colour choice is that gold works perfectly with all the colour schemes. It may be a sparkle between peach and turquoise decorations or, just as well, make a strong contrast with a navy blue, emerald or marsala. “All in white” theme with gold accents will become more elegant and cheesy, as well as a garden party with golden candles. What is more, even a small golden piece has the power to add a glare to a final stylization.

In this article, we would like to introduce our personal favourites between golden accessories that may enhance your stylisations, both brides, grooms, bridesmaids and guests. There is a wide range of gold elements that you can you add even at the very end of the arrangement.

Starting from the top, what about a metallic crown instead of a traditional veil? You may easily be a princess now and certainly deserve to feel like a queen at this special evening, unless you prefer a more girly look and would rather like to wear a floral crown? If the answer is yes, you should look for a gold-white headband with metal leafs, pearls and shiny beads. Next proposal, extremely beautiful and even handier, is a versatile piece that can be worn at the front along the hair line, towards the side or even across a bridal bun from behind, sometimes also connected with a veil.

wedding hair styling

No matter if decided to have a golden crown or not, you can always add pieces of golden jewellery. Such small drop of gold, not only makes you shine but is a perfect way to emphasise the identity between bride and bridesmaids. It can be a bracelet, earrings, necklace or even a hair clip. No matter the size, it will fulfil its role. Do not forget, you are the queen of gold on the gold wedding!

wedding jewelry

Even if not willing to the jewellery you can still secretly connect with you besties. Simply use a gold foil tattoos with different patterns or with a “team bride” inscription. You can easily order them via the Internet in different sizes and designs. And what about glitter? Use it on nails and glister with every hand move. Making all of those together with your bridesmaids seem to be a perfect plan for your bachelorette party, even on the last evening before the big day. So you can start creating the atmosphere of a gold wedding from the beginning.

gold tattoos

Shoes might be not so visible while under the gown,  but it does not mean they should not be stunning. Bride can present them on photos, they might twinkle in the dance and what is mostly important, you should be proud of them. When choosing gold or any other colour, instead of white, you can be also sure you will not wear them only once.

wedding shoes

Do not forget about the groom and his best man. If you decided to use gold accents in your outfit, let him wear a gold tie or a bow-tie. Create a king of gold, create a gold Groom on the gold wedding!  If you like a semiformal style you can also go for gold suspenders or hats with gold ornament. Both for men and boys.

Groom style

Remember about a final touch! We guess you already could not stand without any gold element in your stylization, thus remember to highlight that it was your plan, to have gold colour in decorations. Wrap your bouquet handle with gold foil or ask for gold ribbons. Remember that grooms buttonhole flower can be also decorated with a drop of gold.

wedding bouquet

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