How to become a wedding planner?

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Being a wedding planner seems to be a dreamed job. It’s like combining you creativity, love for beautiful things, planning skills and amazing creative environment altogether. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? For a lot of reasons, it’s true. Being a wedding consultant is a job that let you do all of above and much more while getting paid for that. But before all of that happens, becoming a great wedding planner it’s a hard work. Why? Because like with every business you run on your own, it takes a lot of knowledge, experience, and skill to build your reputation and client base. 

hy today’s topic? Because more and more wonderful young woman from all over Poland wants to learn how to become a professional wedding planner and ask us, how to do that. The first question for them is ‘What do you need to have (or do) to become a wedding planner’?

Understand the business

First of all remember that wedding planning is a career as any other. Of course, it may be much more rewarding (and often much more stressful), but as it’s almost always a household business, it requires a vast amount of business knowledge. Marketing, branding, networking, PR, SEO, Google Analytics, all along with time management, writing a business plan, contract drafts and setting up your own company. Trust us, this kind of skills and knowledge will serve you much better in your career, that knowing how to perfectly fold a napkin. Why? Because that is what waiters are trained and required to do. Not you. You need to know how to find your clients and how to support them during the whole wedding preparations process.

Do your homework

The next big thing is knowing your own market. It’s quite impossible to become a fine wedding planner in Warsaw if you don’t know any of the most wanted luxury wedding venues in the city center or don’t have any idea where to organize a rustic reception. It’s quite the same with vendors. You have to know who’s the most recognizable photographer on the market, as well as what is his price tag. The venues and vendors base it’s the foundation of your company. And it takes a lot to build it on your own.


Finally – the practice. Nothing compares to that. With every event your experience you get more and more knowledge of how events planning really looks like. Even only by observing it from behind the stage. It’s extremely important to gain experience by participating in planning a professional agency events or even your own cousin wedding. How to do that? Volunteer. Offering some companies and your family your services and your time. Try to find an agency (like us) that after participating their course allows you to participate in their real weddings organization. It’s a great idea because that’s the only why you can build your own skills and portfolio.

Get knowledge

It takes a lot of knowledge and skills to become a successful wedding planner. Remember to do it wisely. If you consider changing your dreams into reality by picking this job – remember to get some education from experienced planners first. Make a sensible choice, and pick the wedding planning academy that offers not only a knowledge of how to organize a wedding, but also how to successfully run your own wedding planning business. Choose the academy that gives you an opportunity to test yourself while real wedding coordination. 

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