ISPWP Photo Contest Spring 2016 Results

ISPWP photo contest

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is an organizations uniting wedding photographers from all over the world. Its unique characteristic is that photographers cannot simply buy an ISPWP membership, they have to earn it. The same is with ISPWP Photo Contest.


F our times a year they ISPWP organizes a photo contest within twenty categories, to choose the best photos of the season. We proudly announce that among ISPWP Photo Contest Spring 2016 edition winners, there are four polish photographers and five excelent photos! Congratulations to all awarded photographers!

 Category: Humor / Photographer: Łukasz Topa


 Category: Family Love / Photographer: Konrad Hudaś


 Category: The Decisive Moment / Photographer: Szymon Nykiel


 Category: The Decisive Moment / Photographer: Konrad Hudaś


 Category: Bride portrait / Photographer: Marcin Labędzki


Do not hesitate to have a look at all ISPWP Photo Contest winning photos.


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