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While organizing a wedding day you have to remember about thousands of issues. Some tasks you can untick in the first weeks, the rest have to wait. There are also those which, unaware of the danger, you will probably postpone to the last days. Those are mostly bound up with Young Couple outlook. Naturally, you would like to make stylisations as fresh as possible. Unluckily, those initially right decisions can end up with a lot of stress.


A list of last minute mistakes you can avoid:

  1. Do not wait with wedding gown final touches till last week. Better have it ready several days earlier. You should not explain yourself, that you can still lose or gain extra weight during last week. Better eat properly and do not stress.
  2. Do not wait with trampling new shoes till the wedding reception. Remember that with blisters on your foot you will dance in pain. On the other hand, it is not proper to bride to have bare foot. Better firstly try to wear new high heels at home. The same goes with Grooms’ shoes!
  3. Do not skip trial hairstyle and makeup. Of course, you may know your hairdresser for a long time and fully trust her skills, but we know from experience, it is not so easy to recreate the wedding hairstyle, that bride has in her mind. Sometimes it simply does not fit to the dress or face shape and you have to retry. On the day of a reception there is no extra time for such alterations. Plus additional stress is not needed. The other concern is to verify, if cosmetics used for makeup do not cause allergic reactions on your skin.
  4. Do not decide on any beauty treatments in the last days before the wedding. Even if you did them before, better avoid being in a situation when you get a rash or red spots. If you take care of yourself systematically, you will look beamy anyway.
  5. Do not do manicure or pedicure at the day before a wedding. Your irritated skin may give life a misery during dances until dawn.
  6. Do not buy wedding rings at last minute. They should be well measured and properly adjusted, if they have to serve the rest of your life. Preferably visit jeweller several times before buying them and during different seasons, because fingers often swell during the summer.
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