Maid of honor responsibilities

Every wedding is preceded by weeks of preparations. There is a lot of issues that have to be discussed with subcontractors, and even more phone calls and fittings to be done. It is all on Newlyweds’ minds or in fact mainly on Bride’s mind. In this case, additional hands to work are indispensable. Unfortunately, it is not easy to choose right helpmates.

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Usually the first thought refers to parents. Although always willing to help, in the same time they are busy with their professional work and duties. The second choice is siblings. Your dear sister and likewise best friend. You spent so many years in one bedroom and agreed to borrow each other’s dresses for ever. Certainly, she is ready to help you with inviting your family for the reception. But how will you solve the problem that she lives in another city, maybe even in the other country? And so we successively think about cousins, friends, colleagues and girls from fitness classes. Finally, there is a time to ask a question: Will you be my Maid of honor?

Both preparation time and a big day are really stressful for Newlyweds. They are accompanied by different emotions, melting moods and stress. It is hard for the bride and groom to have wedding scenario on their mind then. Surely it is their fete and time to celebrate in two. It is understandable and should not be interrupted by keeping an eye on photographer or DJ. That is why there she is. Right in the middle of the crowd – your maid of honor. One person that will be Brides head as well as right hand. Keeping calm no matter the situation and calming down the Bride.

Maid of honor – the one who will help you no matter the circumstances. Always smiling and ready to cooperate with subcontractors. The perfect one will also take over some of your duties, give advice and support. We know that every Bride needs such self-control assistant. Better think twice before asking someone to undertake that role.

You should look for someone, who will be your soul mate. The one who picks up the call. So that, take into account possible problems with involving family and friends who live far from you. Frequently, despite sincere desire, commitments, work and children obligate them to plan their time ahead. It might be impossible for them to get involved in preparations. However, no one wants to refuse Bride’s request. That is why it is better not to lead to such a situation. You should think twice.

A list of maid of honor responsibilities or cases in which she is indispensable is quite long.

It all begins a long time before a big day with writing out the invitations. The maid of honor is then a kind of a connection between Newlyweds and guests. It is her role to pick up RSVP calls and to answer guests’ questions. But she will perform even better while working with invitations as a secret information. I mean, there is always a kind of a message we would like to convey, but it might be tackles to do it outright. For example a request not to bring cash as a gift, but to do a bank transfer instead. Her help will be also necessary, if you decide to have a list of desired gifts. The only task is to write the list itself and indicate your maid of honor phone number as a contact. Then everyone can call and ask for details, prices and even reserve each thing. The same goes with your mail address, that may be desired to send a gift box straights to your home.

The next stage in wedding arrangements, almost impossible to be done without your relatives help, is to find a perfect wedding gown. You can start with a quick research in the Internet, where among many designers and showrooms you will find you perfect dress style. The second step is to visit several boutiques. It is a time of visiting shops one by one and trying dresses on and on. It simply cannot be done well without listening to your friends honest and fair opinions. The same goes with hairstyle and makeup. While visiting such beauty studios it is always good to have a small bride’s gang with you. Such ladies gathering in a gown shop is also a good prelude to Bachelorette party, that is among maid of honors’ responsibilities too.

Then a big day comes – it is your wedding day. Emotions are reaching the limits, stress is disrupting reasonable thinking. Hopefully she is next to you, just on the opposite site than your new husband. She is there to adjust a veil and to let you have a tissue to dry first tears after a ceremony. She will remember about taking wedding rings from a hotel and will even remind a Groom’s Men to keep them in a pocket at the ceremony. With a trusted maid of honor you should not worry about smudged makeup or dispelled hair.

Maid of honor’s next responsibility is to help you during wishes time and to let all guests seat at right places. Surely, everyone knows those wedding elements and it might go smoothly. However, it is always better to have a helpmate, who will collect gifts and discreetly deliver them to appointed place. She will be also helpful in answering wedding guests questions and coordinating speeches. Especially those prepared in secret, about which Newlyweds had no idea. Additional task is to pay subcontractors with cash, which fortunately you no longer need to keep in Groom’s suit pocket.

The list is long and it is still not everything that might need maid of honor’s attention. While reading the article, you may even think you will not find anyone to be your maid of honor. For all of you we propose to hire a professional maid of honor. Experienced and ready to help during a wedding. Certainly, she will not fail both while organising and at the reception. Rather you two will get close to each other and become friends. So instead of complaining and feeling ill at ease with exploiting your sister, better bet on a hired maid of honor, and feel carelessly during a wedding reception.

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