11 strong points your maid of honor should have

Maid of honor’s presence is crucial at the wedding. Similarly her assistance during a time of preparation. The choice who will take over this role should not be rash. Therefore we present a list of strong points you should assign to you future maid of honor personality.

maid of honor

11 strong points your maid of honor should have

  • 1. Close relation with Bride

    No matter if she is your sister of friend, it is better if you know each other well. Similar fashion styles, shared memories – it will be helpful during preparations.

  • 2. Nearness

    It is not a must, but will make it easier to meet for fittings or go for dinner tasting.

  • 3. No commitments

    All planning takes a lot of time, that is why she should not have too many family responsibilities and official duties.

  • 4. Helpfulness

    There will be a lot of issues to be done before a big day.

  • 5. Responsibility

    Remember she is the one who keeps cash and pays subcontractors.

  • 6. Trustworthy

    She will definitely know all wedding details, also kept in secret wedding attractions.

  • 7. Laid-back

    Naturalness and spontaneity are desired. Timid person will not encourage guests to dance. Maid of honor should particularly spend time with all the guests not one partner.

  • 8. Complacency

    Peacefulness and calm are always helpful in stressful situations.

  • 9. Self-control

    Be sure she will not pass out during a ceremony and will rather calm you down.

  • 10. Firmness

    She should stay firm in contact with subcontractors.

  • 11. Good organization

    It is not so easy to organize a Bachelorette party or bridal first aid kid with all the accessorises.

  • The choice will not be easy. Sometimes it is even impossible to find a person with all those characteristic features. But if you are in such a situation, remember, you can hire a professional maid of honor and let all your bridesmaids enjoy the evening without additional responsibilities. And now…


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