Wedding Architect: Marsala Wedding

Marsala Wedding

Although it’s 9th of October, with last week 22’C degrees outside, it’s quite hard to catch a glimpse of a famous, Polish, golden fall in its magnificence. Nevertheless, today’s wedding theme would work perfectly for this time of the year. When it’s sunny but a little bit chilly, not the middle of the summer, but not a true autumn yet. Wedding Planners choice – Marsala Wedding.

Personally I’m completely and madly in love with the Marsala Wedding color theme. I cannot imagine a better palette for this time of the year. It is so powerful, so sophisticated, so stylish and so fashionable too.

Due to my above-mentioned affection, it’s hardly a surprise that Marsala Wine it’s a theme concentrated almost entirely on the color. The color of the Marsala wine and a dark brown cherry/oak wood. All that combined with a little touch of a gentleman fashion details – wooden pipe or cigars, powerful boutonniere, bow tie, braces and a bottle of cognac of course.

I imagine this kind of event to be hosted in an old-fashioned gentleman’s club. Before that, some breathtaking engagement photo shoot on a ranch with the bride ‘to be’ dressed in a marvelous, long, elegant red dress and her fiancé in a gray suit. As the Marsala Wine theme with its color palette is closely related to fall season, you can easily draw your inspirations for wedding details straight from the nature: pomegranates escort cards holders, caramelized apples as favors or a raspberry-plume non-alcoholic signature drink as refreshment.

The wedding theme is so elegant, that it can clearly be arranged as dinner reception, cocktail party or all night long celebration. With cognac or scotch and rubino wine on the tables. The gracefulness of the marsala color combined with golden details makes all the décor nothing less than breathtaking. Believe me, you do not need to add a lot more to the theme if you just remember to keep all in the palette.

When it comes to the bride, the jewelry details are the only thing that we need to bring out the theme beautifully. A Rubin earrings and wedding rings will match the elegant white dress perfectly and some dark red peonies in the bouquet shall complete the look in a spectacular way.

Just go through the inspiration board and tell me: how not to fell in love with the color?

Theme – motive, colors, flowers:

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