How to honor mother at wedding

How to honor mother at wedding

Every single wedding includes its irreplaceable components without which it just can`t be possible at all. Apart from these various

Every single wedding includes its irreplaceable components without which it just can`t be possible at all. Apart from these various material ones like the bride’s perfectly fitted wedding dress, three layer pearl glazed cake, the best French champagne, elegant silver cutlery, fantastic music band playing your favourite hits, or hand made vignettes, there is one extremely significant “element” of your wedding edition puzzles that makes your big day the most beautiful day of your life and  without WHOM your wedding would not be a wedding itself. Already guessing? That’s right. Your beloved guests, or, more precisely, your dear family and friends happy to share that unique moment with you. Mystery solved. Yet, not quite… as there is, however, one very special person among all of your guests without whom not only your wedding day but also all your life and it’s every single moment would be simply incomplete and vague. Your Mom, your special guest, holding your hand to calm your nerves. Your neverending support, soulmate, and friend. Today is Mother’s Day, so let’s celebrate together! Read our tips how to honor your mother at wedding!


Everybody knows how our moms get emotional about all our concerns, important days, problems. Without a doubt, then you can be sure to see tears in your mother`s eyes while hearing “I do” coming from her child`s mouth. Let her cherish the moment standing right there close to you. Your mom, your very special guest is worth every effort of yours. Be sure then that she will be seated as close to you as possible during the wedding party. A unique “Katherine’s beloved Mom” vignette shall make every mom moved while feeling special among hundred of guests in the room. Be sure to put some lovely flowers on her plate. This queen deserves it and you know it. And speaking of which.. a bunch of them would be just perfect for saying simple, yet important “thank you”. Your mom shall be also pleased with a little flash of memories – just select some of your photos and display them on the wedding room’s wall.  A magical gift for both of you to share.

Your mom, as your elite guest, has to feel exceptional. Sure. Make her a real diva by preparing an elegant and marvelous outwear. Her outlook matters. A nicely fitted dress is all that she needs to look fabulous. Preferably a pastel pink one or pistachio. Add the always-on-top white pearls and sassy, yet comfortable heels and to the wedding party off you go! Invite your mom to your favorite hairdresser and makeup artist and she will love it. And so will you. Hey, and who’s the queen now?

 Make your mom a part of a unique organizational team.


Not every person knows you as well as her. She will therefore be your best cooperation mate giving the best advice and having the most fruitful ideas. Your Beautiful Day shall be delighted to prepare your dream wedding in that manner. By involving into own’s child wedding preparation ritual your mother will feel more than special. For sure.

And how do you feel about inviting your mom to your own Hen’s night party? Isn’t she your best friend after all? By having a cosmopolitan drink with you and your girlfriends she can feel a part of something unique and be young again.

While thinking about this Mother’s Day spare a thought for this special person without whom your wedding ceremony would be simply incomplete and senseless. She is the one and only guest who just can’t be missing. Organizer, supporter, a shoulder to lay on, BFF, maid of honor.. or simply, MOM. It is so simple to make her feel outstandingly exceptional. After all, she is the bride’s closest next of kin. Her flesh and blood. A mother and daughter’s bond is unbreakable and magical. Just make sure that she feels as unique as you do during your big big day.

 ‘Cause every mom deserves it!

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