Wedding Architect: Crystal Moonlight

A classic, elegant color combination: silver and navy blue wedding. Together they look just like a midnight dream. The theme, although sparkling and glittering, mixed with dark colors stays so graceful.

To build a Crystal Moonlight theme, we’ve started with flowers, white and only white flowers – hydrogens are the best choice. They give a really elegant touch to every event. To contrast that add a navy blue stationery (with a glossy finish) and elegant bridesmaid dress with white undertones. Dark blue goes so amazingly with gray. So if you wonder how to solve one of the biggest outfit concern – what color should the groom’s suit be – there you have the answer: gray. Light gray would probably work best  (although, to be honest, navy blue looks so handsome and smart too – the choice is yours).

As a leading decor idea, we have chosen crystals. First of all, use them to create the most breathtaking, stunning centerpieces, hanging down from tall, silver candleholder. Crystal details will also work wonderfully as the escort cards or favors packaging details. Another idea for the most unique centerpieces? Silver lanterns. If you enjoy fashionable glamour interior design, you have to consider arranging the table with lanterns. If it’s too much, at least place a table decor on a mirror traysNo matter what you chose, do remember that the candle light is simply obligatory, in every case 🙂

Another must-have for the theme is the uplighting? In my opinion, the blue lights look the most amazing of all existing. You simply have to take advantage of that.

The theme is just perfect for couples that host their wedding in winter. Why? When there is no snow, but still everything around us stays dark and a little bit gloomy, we know that our couples do not need to worry. We try to find an opportunity in everything that comes – a nasty weather too and the crystal shine looks nothing less but amazing with dark night surrounding.

But above all, what I love about the crystal moonlight theme the most are the unconventional sequined wedding dress. I personally imagine theme as a backless glamorous long gown with delicate straps and the most marvelous light-silver shine. The most magnificent outfit for the most special woman on earth – the bride.

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Theme – color palette, flowers, font:


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  • Przemek
    28/11/2015 09:11

    Interesting setup 🙂

  • 04/10/2016 15:58

    Would I Be able to use these amazing images to help with my GSCE ict planning?
    id be very grateful

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