Organizing a wedding in Poland make sens?

Photo by Gaia Mikosza

Photo by Gaia Mikosza

Anne and Chris found us when they were searching for the perfect place for their wedding. I immediately realized that they had high demands because, in addition to organizing the lavish reception, they would like to take care of their guests by showing Poland from the best side.

The idea for the event was – last three days and include a welcome dinner, which is the most important moment – the first impression of Poland for foreign visitors. The second day was planned for wedding and reception in a prestigious place. And the third day was to be a farewell lunch in a relaxed atmosphere, where you can afford indulge in a little bit of madness and local folklore. I made my honorable role by organizing the whole event in addition to that very interesting idea of Bride and Groom. They were thinking about most of the tasks and earlier. That gave us plenty of time for precise selection of venues and refine the smallest details of all three parties.
Anne, who is organizing events for clients from the highest business and diplomatic brands in England, so everything had to be attained to the last button. And it was!
In November,  we sent to all guests a card letting them know about the engagement and the initial invitation to the three-day stay in Warsaw. The notification also included information about the website of the Bride and Groom, as well as the plan and details of accommodation in Warsaw.

The leitmotif of the whole wedding was a Łowicka couple. The main colors in the scenery and all the details were in brown, yellow and orange.
140 people were staying in the hotel. For everyone, there was expecting a welcome letter from the bride and groom with the agenda of the entire stay, and a four-hour tour among Warsaw before dinner.
For the welcome party,  a restaurant in the city center was chosen. Guests were driven by English buses Double Deckers.

Photo by Gaia Mikosza

The wedding day was obviously a unique and sublime. Anne looked phenomenal in a traditional dress and veil with lace, long on over 100 meters. Before the dinner started, Young Couple went for photo shoots on the roof of the hotel. The same time guests enjoyed snacks and cold drinks. Each was given a gift – a little box filled with Polish fudge. The biggest rarity was a Polish vodka. Most foreign visitors drank liquor for the first time and till this day it is an unforgettable experience in memory.
On the third day, guests were taken to a restaurant where delicious Polish cuisines were waiting for them such as delicacies dumplings, pancakes and … of course siwucha.
Regardless of the selected location, admiration for theAnna and Chris’s wedding certainly would be the same. However, the visitors confirmed that choosing Poland contributed to that they came to our country with great curiosity. They previously had not heard much, and never had the opportunity to be here. And in particular, they had a unique opportunity to meet Polish traditions so close.

If you also want to get married in Poland, and you have no one to help you on-site or would like to use the services of a wedding planner, you are always welcomed to contact us.

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