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plan b

We all want to make each wedding day as a Newlyweds dream come true. Saying this most of us imagine sunny weather, little clouds and light gusts of wind. Perfectly clean limousine picks up bride and groom and drives them to the wedding reception full of fresh flowers. They both look stunning for the whole night. Unfortunately, it is not always like this. However, you do not have to panic and anticipate the worst! Plan B is needed in order to stay calm at the wedding day. So better keep it ready a long time before the date. Then nothing will surprise you.

plan b

Plan B for unpredictable weather

It is said that in Poland the best time to get married is between June and September. The weather is quite predictable then, but still the exceptions can happen. No matter if it is an outdoor or indoor reception, get ready for:


nasty rain, too strong sun, tiring hot, annoying cold


Functional favours are irreplaceable, if you plan to move between the buildings. You may prepare umbrellas or handy fans depending on a season. Remember to keep them in neutral colours. You may also need to be ready with an extra tent, which will let you peacefully end the oath. Vice versa, be ready to serve an extra cold drink during a hot summer ceremony. Finally, still keep tabs on the weather forecast few days before the wedding.

Plan B for wedding guests

Never think about you table setting plan that it is the last version. Stay with the opportunity that you can add or cross out single person, without causing a fuss. Get ready for:


unexpected guest, absent guest, drunk guest


Give each professional, especially venue manager and you wedding planner, detailed instruction of possible changes in the sitting plan. They should be ready to add an extra tableware and matching chair if needed. You can also ask one of waitresses to keep an eye on those who drink too much. In case of emergency groomsmen will help with transferring an overindulged one to the room. Your day will go smoothly as originally planned.

Plan B for delays

Delays can be caused by many thing. Get ready for:


prolonged ceremony prior to yours, an extra person for makeup, no rings, broken car, flat tire, etc.


Make sure you may call the groomsmen or other attendants before the wedding to ask for assistance. It relates primarily to car issues. Better get to know who from your guests have a car you may eventually use. Also designate who and when will make a final call to inform wedding reception that you are coming. Maid of honour will be the one who inform guests about plan changes. In case of delays the only possibility is to catch a chill.


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