The biggest trends in traveling for 2016 – our interview with professional tour planner

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Yesterday I read that rafting and sailing will be the number one trends for 2016 in tourism. I could not resist calling my friend Piotr from Trip Planner, who is an expert in planning tours for individuals. I also asked him about honeymoons for you ūüėČ

W hat directions are the most popular now? Exotic or skiing? 
January has just started, and winter holidays start soon – that’s why skiing tours are very popular. Beside them – wild Africa and the Far East. There is no rule. It depends on ones likes and dislikes. Some people look for relaxation on the beach, some for adrenaline. And answering your next question, these kinds of tours like rafting become more popular¬†every year. Travelers¬†are looking for something different, new experience, excitements.

That is why some need more than a typical offer from a travel agency. How is your offer different from the catalogs’ ones?
Everything is different, the only common denominator is a TRIP! We do not have such a concept as ‘last minute’ because we do not sell ready-made packages. So we do not need to reduce the prices when we do not sell the trips. Our customer has the tailored made journey which he seeks and that’s final!¬†Neither his privacy nor freedom does not suffer. We noticed that our customers are usually people who are open, communicative and fond of independence.

Could you tell me something more? Who are your clients?
Trip Planner service is targeted to customers who do not enjoy offers from travel agencies and expect something more than a catalog tours and hotels. These are people who want to learn something when traveling, to experience local life on their own. Who enjoy complete freedom. While, at the same time, leave with confidence, that they got what expected. Exactly what was planned and designed for them.

What particularly do you do and what the customer gets?
The service is quite complex and very convenient for the customer. I deal with everything that is connected with the trip. Our services include a wide spectrum –¬†from finding and purchasing the best possible transport options on behalf of the client, to reserving a spot for a romantic dinner! We often help to complete all formalities, as permits and visas. We book hotels and cars, we develop a sightseeing plan, we pass on ¬†all relevant and helpful tips to the customer, etc. All this is done in constant contact with the customer (consultations) until we meet his expectations. We sometimes cannot resist from preparing some surprise for the customers, but it also depends on the place and the customer. Some people just do not wish it.

So the personal adviser must cost a fortune!
It is always the hardest question. We do believe it is not expensive and our customers must think the same¬†as they return to us regularly! It will be of a different value for everyone. Those customers who don’t have time to organize the trip due to a lot of work will appreciate¬†the service. They realize their money were well invested. The others, who has plenty of time, may find this service expensive and try to arrange the trip on their own. Of course, we do not deny these attitudes because we do it too, but as we know, not everyone is designed for everything. When you need to fix your car – you go to the mechanics and do not tinker under the hood.

And the last question, that simply could not be missed. Have you  noticed any trend when it comes to honeymoons? Any recommendations?
When it comes to honeymoon trips there is no rule! We had a pair who preferred beaches of Zanzibar, and the couples who spent over two weeks driving around and exploring the Adriatic coast or countries of the former Yugoslavia. To sum up, THERE ARE NO BAD IDEAS FOR TRAVEL! SOMETIMES ONLY CLOTHES ARE CHOSEN WRONG

Thank you for conversation and photos

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