Wedding Architect: A Pop of Colour

pop of colour

In everyday life we dress colourfully, we paint walls in our flats and plant flowers to decorate the yards. Why then, are not we eager to add a pop of colour to our wedding decorations?

Surely, you may answer that it is not every day when we get married and the Big Day embellishment should have elegant, classy and sober scenery. In my opinion, we can keep it classy even with a lot of vivid colours. While the added value, you will not acquire with All in White style, is a kind of a letup and liberty. It is really important to feel good and unaffectedly during a wedding reception. A pop of colour will unfailingly induce more spontaneous reactions.

 Neutral background

In this case, the base is crucial for the whole stylization. Necessarily, you have to pay attention how the venue premises look like before planning colourful spots. Ensure there are only neutral colours and materials used as a background. Choose a place without fancy textures and ornamentation that may mix with pops of colour and abate its blaze. Colourful compositions should be displayed on a clear surface. Better no pattern wallpapers, no multi-coloured flooring.

Simply decorated venues with white walls and wooden floors will present perfectly with a pop of colour wedding style as well as fully wooden building and garden tents. Such monochrome surfaces will highlight an abundance of colours. But remember to pay attention not only to the colour of walls but also to the source and colour of lighting in the ballroom. Find out the colours of chair covers and tablecloths offered by the vendor. Each element will be visible and if mismatched will decrease the final effect. Better ask for exchanging them earlier and be calm at the Big Day.

Perhaps there are also wooden tables available at the venue. If so, just cover them with runners, mats and decorations. Unless you prefer more elegant style, use simple white tablecloths or jute material. If there is a need, exert the same fabric as the main table background to be garnish. A pop of colour will fit both modern and rustic places.

You can also revel if you plan an outdoor ceremony. Park greenery, blue sky over the beach or yellow fields perfectly suit as a scenery for the magically coloured gateways. Likewise, you can choose a pop of colours you like mostly or go crazy with all shades and shapes.



 Vivid decors

Such wedding look is easy to recreate with fun party decor items and haberdashery. The possibility of selection is wide as well as the availability of products, and what is the best – deciding on a pop of colour we allow ourselves to multiple shapes and sizes. No matter the final mix it will look funny, charming, lively, awesome! This is why it’s important to avoid patterns in the venue decor – it just will not look right when one composition covers the other.

Shops are awash with balloons, paper flowers, streamers, paper buntings and pompons that you can all use, even at once. Mix and match stripes, florals and polka dots in the stationery. Tie your key colours together with vividly coloured seasonal flowers like tulips, ranunculus, hydrangea, sunflowers or roses and the whole look will pop!

It is important to use a pop of colour only to highlight crucial spots. It should be a place of marriage or a top table in a ballroom. Those places you can accentuate by creating the multi-coloured ribbon braid – it will impress your guests with every wind gust. The other idea is to use a bunch of balloons filled with helium to designate photo booth corner, a candy bar, a table with guestbook or a particularly outstanding site with cosy armchairs that needs a pop of colour. They will surely catch your guests’ eyes and attract their attention.


 Strong accents

When it comes to colour choice, there are no restrictions, but it is important to make a strong and purposeful coloured accent. The result will be totally different if you use amaranth and titian, then when you bet on apricot and coral. The rush composition is going to kill the punch of colour and give an undesirable effect. The principle rule is simple – the stronger pop of colour the better.

However, if you wish not only colourful but more elegant wedding look add some outstanding golden or silver decor elements. If you care about refreshing, more sunny style – use fresh fruits as a part of stylization. They will add an extra pop of  colour but also aromas. In contrast, when it has to be airy and delicate mix it all with white colour.



An ideal solution for those who love colours and dream about a pop of colour wedding style, but search for something lighter  and more refreshing then strong accent. Fuzzy colours and white! Not mixed together but diffused. That is it! Fashion for ombre effect gets down to weddings! Effects are visible for both brides and bridesmaids dresses, nails, shoes and men’s ties.

While decorating a venue we recommend to apply elongated floral bouquets in variable colours, varying from white to dark red. They will suit particularly well to the longitudinal guests tables and not only diverse the décor but also enhance a sense of direction. At round tables, ombre pop of colour effect can be emphasised in a vertical floral composition. Also, the path that you walk down the aisle may be bedecked with flowers or flower petals with varying colours. And if it is not enough, have a look at ombre cakes, ombre stationary or pastel paper lanterns. Each element of a decoration may have an ombre pop of colour effect.


The last point! When will you shine brighter, dear Bride? Being white on white or being the only white among all the colours?

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