18 crucial questions you have to ask your wedding venue

Finding an amazingly-looking wedding venue is one thing. Finding a perfect venue, that suits all your needs and expectations is much harder. Usually,  we do not choose a venue for that big of a event too often in real life. That’s why we do not always know what to ask, to know your reception will go smoothly, without any unpleasant surprises.

To help you with making one of the biggest decisions when it comes to organizing a wedding, we’ve prepared a list of questions you have to ask your venue manager. Please remember to do it before signing a final contract. After that, you’ll have no certainty that the venue will respect and remember your wishes (of course, there’s always the good will of the management left, but how would like to risk this much). So do ask every of the listed question. It will also show the manager that you know what exactly what you are looking for and expect only the best service.

What’s more, think of a below tips as the contract provisions you need to incorporate into your assignment. It is often that case that the venue has a standard contract, where you fill in your data and guests details only. But it does not mean you cannot change or add anything yourself. Keep in mind that you are the one ordering a service, so it should fit all your needs in every way you desire. It’s also really reassuring to know that everything is taken care of and guaranteed in writing, especially when it comes to the most stressful day of all – the wedding day. 

Do remember to ask:

1. What is the maximum capacity of the ballroom?
2. How big is the dance floor?
3. Does the venue have air condition?
4. How many guest can we accommodate in the venue?
5. Do we get a suit for newlyweds included in a service?
6. What is included in the price per person?
7. Are alcohol beverages included in the price?
8. Can we order a wedding cake here?
9. Can we create our own menu?
10. Do you have any alternative menu options for children and vegan?
11. Do you organize any menu tasting?
12. Do we have any limits for renting?
13. How many events are organized at the same time?
14. How much is the reservations fee?
15. When do we have to pay the reservation fee?
16. Can we get a draft version of the agreement?
17. How long before the wedding do we have to confirm final guests list?
18. How long can the reception last (what hour)?




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