Rustic Wedding in Osada Młyńska: Claudia & Clement

As we said last time, rustic weddings are still one of the biggest trends for 2016 wedding season. Some couple simply felt that in their bones. As a result of that, today we can admire & be inspired by such an amazing event as Claudia & Clement’s Real Rustic Wedding in Osada Młyńska.

I am quite sure that is exactly how the perfect rustic wedding looks like for a lot of couples, dreaming of a modest, but still spectacular arrangement for their reception. The wooden venue, mason jars filled with lemonade & beverages, thatch seats for the ceremony, manila paper, lacy decor & all the fun of the world provided by outdoor dancing, Polaroid pictures & endless laughter.

We do not often see such a smiling, naturally beautiful Bride as Claudia and that’s probably one of the most amazing sights in the World! What’s more, we do not often get entranced by the Groom’s outfit as much as the bridal wedding gown. Quite a treat too. All that captured in beautiful photos & video created by Fabryk Kreatywna. As wedding planners we do not always recommend the videography for the weddings, but with talents like that I think is about time to change it. Cause this one? Nothing less than STUNNING! You can almost feel the wonderful, free-spirited atmosphere of the day and start regretting that you weren’t there. To me one of the best decisions, next to the venue choice – Osada Młyńska, that the couple made. Why? Cause Fabryka seems to be the perfect choice for events like that. Oh, and do you remember the exceptional Star Wars Polish Wedding? Yeap. That’s also them. Amazing job once again guys! 

The wedding is truly a repository of inspirations for a rustic wedding, so do take a close look. If you are still looking for more, see how to built the theme from a scratch in our latest Wedding Architect: Rustic Undiscovered project.

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