Sheraton Hotel – perfect place to organize a wedding in Krakow

I am thinking, what to say about one of the best places to organize a wedding in Cracow? Maybe from the beginning… It does not matter if you contact the hotel directly or via wedding planner, the service is on the highest level. Very helpful and open-minded. And what are the advantages of organizing a wedding in Sheraton Hotel?


  1. Localization and set-up
    It is not so far away from the main square, just a few minutes walk. My first impression is always the same, so specious.

    Wonderful view at Vistula river and Wawel castle. Especially from the terrace, which is situated on the roof. Perfect place for a welcome drinks or a cocktail. One elevator is dedicated for your guests, so they do not need to have a plastic key. If the weather is worst then you are able to change it to Someplace Else. Strange to call it a restaurant, it looks more like a pub, but still it is not a typical pub I know from Krakow. If you serve finger food and drinks, it became a very nice place just for you and your guests before the main dinner. A small garden situated next to the pub is the place I like the most. I do not know why, there is nothing special, but I really love it. Maybe because not every hotel can praise of having a green area.

    The main ballroom is situated on the same floor. It is hidden a little bit on the left and behind the door. Nobody complains about loud music. Tables and dance floor are in the same room. Buffets are served in a foyer, where cocktail tables stand too. Great place to chill out a little bit and chat with family or friends. What is unusual? Platform for a band! It looks really great when the band stands higher to the dance floor.

    What else? I can add only something about rooms, which are very comfortable. And the best is that your guests do not need to go anywhere. If they feel tired, they can just go to their room to refresh and come back whenever they want. There is no problem with transport at night and making decisions to take a coach rather than 2 mini buses.

  2. Food
    Everyone can find something for themselves. Everyday food is fantastic, my top of the tops is a salad from Someplace Else. You can relax with a cup of coffee in the Qube. You are always welcomed for a tasting panel to make a final decision about your wedding menu. The cuisines are so delicious that it still could be a big problem to decide between two 😉 It is also a great opportunity to see the final look, how each meal is decorated, and served. The same applies to glasses and cutlery. Do not worry about buffets. They start when the dinner is ended and not all at once. The buffet is refilled due to the needs.
  3. Service
    From the first contact till after the event you are treated as the most important guest. The quality standards are under supervision all the time and do not be surprised if you receive a questionnaire to fill in. As for the 5 stars hotel befits, everyone starting from reception, waiters, housekeeping are very kind and helpful all the time.


The color of the walls in a ballroom was not the best. We cooperate with an experienced florist as not everything matched with yellow and red. Now it is changed and I will write about it soon!

Capacity, a maximum number of guests to feel comfortable is 120-130. There is no option to move dance floor outside and organize dancing in the second room.

Summarising, the Sheraton hotel in Krakow is a perfect place to organise not only a wedding but also for some other family or business events and conferences. Everything is one place, not far away from the main square, but on the highest level.

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