Do I need something blue on my wedding?

something blue

This Old English rhyme is an origin of a worldwide wedding saying we all know, mostly because of ‘something blue’ phrase. It mentions four good luck charms all the brides should add to their wedding outfit or carry on the big day. A wish for a well-being, happiness and prosperity. Nowadays, even if such statements are nearly forgotten, it still has this magic appeal, that we would like to point out.



Something old symbolizes continuity.

Something new has an optimism for the future.

Something borrowed represents happiness.

Something blue ensures pure love and faithfulness.


D ear mothers, sisters and bridesmaids. Now it is your task! As in time-honored wedding tradition, please remember about those little tokens of love to form a bond full of support and understanding between you and a bride. As a sixpence in a saying, it does not have to be something massive or for the show. It is all about your engagement and remembrance.

something blue_2

“Something old” can be pretty much anything, depending on a style of a reception. The Bride can use a vintage accessory found in a second hand as well as a grandmother’s earrings. You can also opt for something deeply meaningful as a bride’s mother’s wedding veil.

“Something new” is usually a gift from the groom or one of the bride’s family members. It can be considered as a reminder of a big day, so that a bracelet or a hair clip will be perfect, and can be used for ages.

“Something borrowed” is a great excuse for a bride, to ask for something she really likes. It is a chance to use her sisters high-heels or a married friend’s incredibly long veil.

“Something blue” should not be a problem, no matter the wedding colour palette. To make it visible you can wear blue jewellery or add some bluish flowers to a bouquet. If you prefer to keep it invisible, it can be a big date embroidered into the lining of a wedding dress or  a small blue hanky with a “No ugly crying on photos” print.

something blue_3

The last part of this wedding saying is about a sixpence. It was a British coin given to the bride to keep in her left shoe on the wedding day. We do not recommend this anymore. Better keep any coin in your or groom’s pocket or glue it to your bouquet.  It symbolizes wealth for the newly married.

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