Let it shine! Sparkling eye-openers ideas.


Everybody knows that the wedding day is an unique moment in life. You want to make it unforgettable for all beloved ones. So make it shine like a diamond! Here are some of wedding planner’s sparking ideas how to lighten your wedding day up.

L et us start from something very traditional but sparkling and classy. Candles – we all love them! An astonishingly easy way to brighten your wedding party with a real fire burning in everyone’s heart. Just choose your perfect colour, shape and quantity. Why not to think about some glossy candlesticks? They shall compose perfectly with traditional white or yellow candles. Too typical? Sure, here comes another idea! Take some small warmers, put them in the shape of heart and spill some brocade over. Let it shine!


Even the table decor can be a sparkling element of your wedding venue. Brocade table numbers, sparkling tablecloth, edible shining cupcakes’ decor or flower vases – there is a lot of stuff to choose from. They will help you in creating magical atmosphere, so that all your beloved guests shall feel touched by a sparkling paradise. Let their tables bright. Put some lights under the tablecloth and use this table to expose a wedding cake of guest’s book. Every table shall create an unique sparkling spot just like stars in the sky. Your own piece of heaven.


Want more light and more sparkles? No problem for us! Just move your wedding party outside the wedding venue. Now here’s a perfect place for all the lights to create a charming atmosphere. Let us prepare a perfect wedding tent for you. Inside, you can insert a beautiful installation of lights. The darker it will get, the better the outcome will be. You will have your very one piece of sky reserved just for you and your beloved one. Little lights shall imitate fireflies and bigger ones shall lighten the wedding tent in a fantastic way. Too hot for a tent? Why not a same scaffolding then? Just attach the lights so that it won’t be visible, et voila! No scaffoling? Sure, we’ll choose a perfect place surrounded by trees. Just band them with all of the lights and you will see how ideal your own wedding party can be.


Remember when we were kids? We loved all those lighting things. Make your guests happy and buy some sparklers. Let everyone recall their childhood once again by holding his own sparkle celebrating your big day with you. And when speaking about you… let your guests see that you can sparkle yourself! Prepare a sparkling wedding dress to ravish every single person that will look at you. Brocade, Swarovski’s stones or any other shiny and classy elements shall embellish your wedding gown and make you feel exceptional. Even when surrounded by all of those sparkling decor you will be the star that shines the brightest.


The sky seems to dark? No problem for us. We shall make it bright with flying starts. It’s lanterns time! The more, the better. Get all of your guests involved and let the sky above you be filled with those charming light bulbs getting higher and higher. Make a wish every time you fly a new one. Such form of an entertainment shall please every single guest no matter the age!

And now, it is time for our grande finale! Brighten the sky above your guests up by ordering some fantastic fireworks. Everybody loves them! It shall be a perfect cherry on the top element of your wedding day. Just admire the lights on the dark beautiful sky in the arm of your beloved one as there are moments in our life that cannot be forgotten.


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