A bridge – symbol of love

symbol of love


Bridges are extremely popular among young couples. Repeatedly photographed on both engagement and wedding photo sessions. A bridge is truly a symbol of love.

A bridge connects two banks of the river, what can be symbolically read as a combination of two worlds. The connection in time and space. Permanent feature which, just like marriage, unite inseparably two elements. It is also a symbol of love, stability and living together in two.


This symbolism makes it so often to use bridge as a background during photo shoots, regardless its form. That is why sometimes it is a small stone bridge in a hometown or a footbridge hanging over the river. Some other time it is a real metal colossus. But appearance is irrelevant now. The most important thing is a scene full of love. On such photographs, made on bridges, you can see exploding feelings. For instance two souls looking in one direction. Is it not a symbol of love? A crucial moment in someone’s life presented on one photo. Shared dreams, plans and many other emotions. Good photographer has a vast field for performances here.

At the same time, photography is not the only way in which lovers use bridges. A very popular idea is to pin padlocks to them – another symbol of constant affection. It all started on the most popular among the Lover’s Bridges – Paris Pont des Arts. The archetype quickly acquired a lot of fans. Today you can zip a symbol of love and highlight your feelings worldwide. Repeatedly the number of those love locks is so big, that their weight threatens the strength of the whole bridges constructions!

Not so popular, but equally beautiful, are wedding ceremonies taken on bridges. In this case simple bridge construction is all you need. Preferably choose a bridge with upper spans or completely closed form. A few rows of chairs and small table are enough. No extra decoration or altar are needed. Keep it all simple. The effect will be unique.

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