15 Wedding gift ideas – Tableware

“What should I buy as a wedding gift ?” – finding answer to this question is even more problematic than “What should I wear on the wedding?”. This article is for every wedding guest who need inspiration about wedding gifts.


At first you have to set your budget for the wedding gift. I know, this first step is very problematic, but don’t worry – you can handle this!  They say that price that you spend on wedding gift for newlyweds should be equal to price that newlyweds payed for your seat at wedding reception. It also depends on how close you are to the Bride or Groom. If you decide to buy wedding gift between 200 – 300 zlotys  it should be the wise decision.

Secondly, try to find out more about Bride and Groom – how they met, do they have something in common (hobby, pet…) or what do they do for living. Every detail will be helpful! Very valuable information is if newlyweds live together or do they  plan to move in after the wedding.

Whenever you would like to buy furniture or some home décor things as a wedding gift just remember one thing – this couple have their own style. If their flat is modern and minimalistic do not buy broidered tablecloth or very colorful towels with lots of flowers on it. Keep in mind that this wedding gift should be not for you but for newlyweds.

Lots of people decide to buy bed linen as a wedding gift which, in my opinion, is a serious mistake.  Why? Because of the size. If you know exactly size of newlywed’s bed and duvet there is no problem. But you can’t guess size based on “typical size”. There are many couples who like to sleep under two duvet – but there are lots of single duvet cover sizes – 150×200 or 160×220 or 140×200 etc. The same thing goes for the duvet cover for two. But when you do know exactly size of their bed you can make unforgettable wedding gift for them!

Here are some tableware ideas for wedding gift!


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