Year by year polish wedding dress designers seems to bewilder us more and more with their concepts, ideas and world class of their designs. They are beautifully diverse – luxury, slinky, whimsical or bohemian-like unfettered. They are feminine and stylish. They are in vouge and go with the most prominent wedding trends.

We observe all of the wedding trends and domestic wedding market very closely. With being on the market for over 13 years, it would not be an exaggeration to say that we know almost every wedding boutique in Warsaw. As the end of the year is always the most crowded season for the bridal ateliers, we’ve prepared the list of the best Polish wedding designers, presenting their 2015/2016 collections, to help you to create your perfect wedding shopping itinerary. The order is random.


I was completely astonished by the Laurelle Collection for 2016. No wonder, because I believed that the 2015 was a very good one. This year’s however – the gowns are nothing less than stunning. Sensual, sexy, transparent dresses, still looking so elegant and classy. Like body painting with lace and silk. But the dresses was not the only thing that astonished us. The luxury collection photoshoot took my breath away. We often admire Israel style wedding dresses. We also admire their display – with glamorous make-up, hairstyle, and accessories. 2016 Laurelle Bridal Collection is as enchanting as them.
The Laurelle atelier is also one of the most beautiful boutiques. Place in Belvedere Residence brings a deluxe feeling to every fitting. What’s more, the round dais placed in the heart of the room allows every bride to felt extra special.
What’s worth mentioning – Laurelle atelier dresses top Polish celebrities like Paulina Sykut, Justyna Steczkowska or Izabella Miko.

Agnieszka Światły

A designer from Wroclaw. I did observe Agnieszka Światły wedding projects for quite a long time now. They were all great last year, but the newest collection is even better. Wonderful combination of lace and silk. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful tops and the amazing midi wedding dress design. It made me think for the first time in my life that it might actually be a great idea to pick something different than maxi-length gown. The absolute purity of the whole collection – bright white. That’s what a lot of brides are looking for. Clean white. The collection creates a wonderful unity, despite such a diversity. Really well done.
I absolutely adore wedding dresses elusive and transparent on top and quite loose from the waist down. Why? Because it makes the dresses within reach of all beautiful brides that doesn’t necessarily have Miranda Kerr’s body. That makes the dresses little bit closer to a perfection of wedding collection.
One thing is sure – if you are planning your wedding, Agnieszka Światły is a must name to know, and the Beautiful city of Wroclaw – the must place to visit.

Sylwia Kopczyńska

I can’t hide that. Sylwia Kopczyńska is my favorite designer. What’s more, I believe that almost every Bride how spoke with her at least for a minute would agree with that. The atmosphere that the designer creates – the sincerity, warmness, the joy. It makes every Bride feeling amazingly unique. Cause for Sylwia Kopczyńska every bride-to-be is unique. She remembers every talk, every question and every detail of the chosen wedding dress. She absolutely steeled my heart from the first moment I walked into the Atelier. Do not get me wrong – I love the designs, but when you meet someone like Mrs. Sylwia, it’s impossible not to be bewildered. In my opinion, with no doubt, she is the most caring, warm, passionate and devoted person in the whole wedding business.
How about the dresses? You won’t find anything like that anywhere else. The are the most whimsical, elusive dresses in Poland. Number one material is tulle. Tulle and more tulle. And a bit of french laces. The designs will make you fell like a butterfly or forest fairy. The nude, off-white colors of the gowns are so feminine and fashionable, being romantic and delicate at the same time. A subtle beauty.
Sylwia Kopczyńska is one of the most original wedding designers, with a very distinctive style. However even if you not sure whether the style would fit you, do give them a chance. They look even more amazing live. Additionally, you can’t miss the opportunity to experience how the perfect wedding dress fitting atmosphere should feel like. I am sure that the personality of Sylwia Kopczyńska itself is worth every minute of your time. But whats’s even more important – I am sure that the dresses won’t disappoint event the most demanding Bride. For all this reasons, the Atelier Desirer is the obligatory point on your bridal tour map.

Juliette Atelier

Wedding dresses simply perfect for the elegant, sophisticated Bride. From silky, sultry gowns, that will make every bride feel like a star, up to delicate, nude dresses, that feels like a second skin. Goes perfectly with exclusive jewelry and smooth up-does.
The designs are the most sensual and glamorous. Every bride planning a deluxe wedding, with a castle/palace ceremony and high-level restaurant reception, simply have to try them on. Juliette Atelier designs are one of the most remarkable exclusive gowns.
Most of all we love the backless designs. What’s interesting, even though I do not personally adore classic princess dresses, the 2015 collection princess design made a strong impression on me. It’s probably the short, high waisted corset, that we are all missing in Polish projects.
Nevertheless, not many words needed – the beautiful pictures speak for themselves. You really should visit Juliette Atelier while wedding shopping in Warsaw. Additional bonus: atelier is placed on Mokotowska streets, what gives you a wonderful opportunity to visit the well know Plac Zbawiciela for a nice cup of coffee, after all that fitting madness.


Bizuu is a brand well know with their modern designs. Casual designs are created for a successful woman, individualists, for which the fashion is a crucial part of life.
In their first season, the Bizuu wedding dress line came as a quite surprise for me. However, it comes out really amazing. The designs are not over – fashioned and would really work wondrously for every bride. The collection is beautifully diverse. Long sleeves, strapless, v-neck, gold or corset. A great combination of best fashion, modernity, and lacy classic. I’ve never seen the dresses life, but as far as I can tell, I am sure I’ll love it. Cause what’s not to love?
Bizuu had added a marvelous breath of a fresh air to Polish wedding dress market. I’m looking forward to every next bridal collection to come. Amazing work.

Violetta Piekut

Violetta Piekut is one of the best-known names in a wedding business. No wonder, because her dresses are classic and really beautiful. The designer dresses a lot of well know showbusiness figures and is consider to be a really warm, passionate person. What we know for sure – that Violetta Piekut is amazingly talented. It takes a lot to stay on the top-shelf of wedding designs for such a long time. It also remarkable that almost every next collection seems to be a bigger success than before.
What I personally adore the most are the feminine, heavenly silk dresses. They look so light, so thrilling. Simply divine.
As almost every bride-to-be knows the name, it’s needless to say more. We can only add that – Viola Piekut atelier is the next compulsory place to visit in a chase for a perfect bridal look.

Moons Varsovia 

I enjoy the name, the branding and the collection of course. A perfectly ascetic beauty of the designs. Wonderfully maintained with the forest photoshoot.
Moons Varsovia is the next novelty on the wedding market. For me, the whole collection is a strike. It fulfills the void when it comes to Polish boho, rustic designs and I would especially recommend Moons for this wedding themes. A simplicity, naturality, and modesty. I know there are a lot of brides looking for those virtues in their dreamed wedding dress.
I do adore whimsical events and there is not many better choice than Moons for that. I would send there every free spirit Bride. With no excuses.
As above, I can’t wait to see the next collection. Magnificent.

Anna Kara

A next really well-known name when it comes to wedding gowns. Anna Kara needs no introduction, but anyway, we’ll do it:).
I believed I would recognize Anna Kara’s design anywhere. They are enchanting. Very feminine and tender. A lot of silks, beautiful lace and so up-to-date transparencies (I do cherish the trend!). If your are looking for the traditional, wide wedding gowns, that’s not the place, but if you dreamed something extraordinary, soft and unique – a perfect place to visit.
My favorite wedding dress? Crop top gown. I like new trends and original choices. I know it’s quite bold, but remember, it’s your wedding day, so do pick anything you like. But be careful, when it comes to Anna Kara’s Collection is quite easy to fall in love with.

Karolina Twardowska

Karolina Twardowska is definitely one of the biggest discoveries in the wedding industry this year – and a very pleasing one. Her designs are amazingly free and delicate. Absolutely the best choice for (so popular nowadays) bohemian weddings. We know, they are not very traditional, but we love that about them and we will encoruge you to remember that it’s often much more interesting to take a risk, be bold and choose something beautifully unique than classic.

Karolina Twardowska dresses infatuated me from the very first minute I saw them. It is definitely a collection that follows world standards and trends. Something we can be really proud of. What’s more, I do like the photoshoot a lot. See coast & forest – what a wonderfull combination (and the perfect places for wedding ceremony too).

We are waiting for the development of the designer carrier – because I am quite sure it will develop rapidly & beautifully.


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