Most wished-for treehouse

We are fully convinced that Poland is a best place to organize a wedding reception. But for a honeymoon… you can escape to USA!


Both hidden between tree trunks and located within the heart of intown Atlanta. This treehouse is a hidden treasure and a big surprise for everyone. Absolutely magical and stunning place that everyone can rent for a night via Airbnb. Now, it is additionaly named as the #1 most wish-listed property in the world!


Living room, bedroom and deck connected by rope bridges. Even if designed for adults, they will break free your inner child. And what is worst, you will be swallowed by the lush greenery of leafy area. No wonder, everyone would like to do such urban escape and get fully surrounded by nature, even for a while.

“80-year-old butterfly-filled windows invite natural daylight in just as casually, while the 12-candle chandelier satisfies the night owls.”

By the night a show begins. Plenty of tiny lights attached to the roofs, rails and bridges keep the spot sparkling. You only need to choose between a wooden deck placed beneath a pine tree and a hammock. You will easily forgot about a nearby city and sink into a silcence, rarely broken by birds, frogs and the wind.

“Couples can roll their bed onto a platform that allows them to sleep under the stars and above a bubbling stream.”

Does it sound as a great plan for a honeymoon?


Source: The Venue Report

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