Unforgettable Honeymoon in Kenya

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K enya is home, the icon of safari. It is here, where over one hundred years ago it became a synonym of the most sophisticated form of spending free time. It is here, where still many successors of this inheritance live, which became a symbol, part of the African history and it is cultivated nowadays in the form as it was in the past. Africa cannot be learnt without emotional commitment. It is not possible to go just for a trip so that pass in ten days from one point to the other. If someone wants to feel the spirit of safari this way, he will see nothing, will not experience even a bit of this incredible magic which still exists under the blue sky and in the ocean of bush and savanna. Safari is exploring the world which does not exist anywhere else, the world which was prior millions of chimneys appeared around. Safari is experiencing the silence, calmness of wild animals; this is a mixture of an elegance of the old days with the rampant nature.


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Together with amazing safari Kenya can offer relax on one of the most beautiful beaches all over the world. In Diani Beach, you will find white sand soft like powder, coconut palms, turquoise water and an unlimited option of enjoyment. This is the place which should satisfy even the most improper dreamers seeking for the archetype of a tropical beach.


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All this makes Kenya the best destination for Honey Moon Journey! Welcome for amazing African adventure and relax in Hotel Sonrisa on a paradise beach. Experience the amazing ambience of our hotel! We will make you holidays very special.


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Sonrisa is a small boutique hotel located just on the sandy beach on the Indian Ocean. This is an absolutely perfect place for guests who are appreciating privacy, minimalism in decoration combined with the functionality and who are looking for a retreat. Sonrisa offers a personal touch and has a lovely beautiful karma about it.

Text by Iwona Strzelecka

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