Unique wedding ideas – how to make your wedding day really special.

Unconventional, inventive, diverse wedding ideas. Some exciting details every wedding needs.

Today we would like to present you a couple of unique wedding ideas, that we do not often see at polish weddings or any other events. It really a shame, because we believe that the are the best way to express your individuality. Some outstanding details may also help you and yours love ones to remember the day vividly with the years passing. And above all the can also bring quite a lot of fun to your guests.

Old-fashion dessert table?

Drop the idea. Just imagine how astonished you guests will be by big wooden barrels full of popcorn or an unconventional bar with waffles or ice creams. You can also stick with the dessert table, but instead of sweet snack arrange only a salty ones. Or a pizza display? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
To make it even more interesting try to match the menu to your wedding theme.


Cork caught

Would you like to save some special souvenir of joy from your wedding? Don’t let your first wedding champagne cork fly way freely, ask a bartender to keep it and after all frame in into a glass box. How about a wedding piñata to open on your next anniversary? Or just a special bottle of wine hidden to celebrate the 10th anniversary? Save something that will make the memories of the day really alive, even years from now. It may also help you to remember how strong, joyfully and passionately you two love each other on that day and that the feeling that you are sharing is worth the effort.

The smallest ones

On your wedding day try to remember about the younger ones either. We just adore the idea of a milk and cookie refreshment for the kids to start their party well. You might also consider arranging a kids table or even a kids zone (with no entrance for parents – just a hired animator). The kids will love the idea. This will also allow their parents to get a little
wild through the reception.

Modern event details

Urban weddings can be really breathtaking. But they really need a touch of modern details to make the event something more than a party night out. Next to the wedding food truck festival (we’ve recently written about), try something little bit more crazy, like washable tattoos for your guests (especially for the bridesmaids!) to create a viable bond between you and your family & friends. The other way is to order the colorful pins with the craziest inscriptions to match every person present.

Something for your new parents

Since you are both starting a new family life, with a lot of new family members, remember to appreciate the effort of the most important ones – you parents. It would ever better if the appreciations came from both sides to your future parents in law. For mothers try an engraved jewelry. For fathers an embroidered handkerchief.

The other way

Another way to say to you parents how important they are for you, and that you will keep a memory of them till the last day of your life, is to taka a photography with their (preferably wedding) pictures. Or do a picture just like theirs. Another delightful idea is to attach some little pictures of you parents to you wedding bouquet.

Unconventional wedding invitations

How about try something a little bit different than a regular wedding invitation? Provide a little fun, challenge or riddle by sending  your guests a puzzle or balloon invitations. A fun way to fold your wedding invitations would work too. You can also combine your invitation with a little gift like a plastic camera to grip how surprised your future guests were. Ask them to take the picture of them in same crazy place to stick it in your guest book.

Express yourselves with a sign

You both have a favorite quote or a sentence you like to describe the love between both of you? Or maybe, you fiancé thought of something so hilarious that it would be a crime not to publish that? Even if you are just trying to say what’s in the menu do not hesitate and put in on a sign. A beautiful, emotional wedding sign give every wedding a very unique, intimate filling, that we are all looking for.

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