The same time your beloved bride-to-be sister, friend or a cousin is chasing the most astonishing wedding venues with her wedding planner, you are probably searching for the best ideas for a unique bridal shower.

As every bride is different, so it’s is crucial for the party theme to suit her personality & passions. But if your bride is urban, city type, that loves cuisine, your searches has just come to an end – the urban foodie bridal shower is an answer. Nowadays there are not many more popular and up-to-day hobbies than cooking. Vegetarian, organic, old-school, slow, comfort or oriental food. The big city life simply loves new trends in the kitchen. If your bride happens to be one of the cooking obsessed foodies – an urban rustic food bridal shower would be just for her.

There are two ways to do it. In the first case, it’s you and your closest friends that prepare the feast. I’m sure you know exactly what your dearest foodie loves to eat. It’s a little bit more risky, cause you have to show some skill, and as your bride know one thing or two about cooking, she might have a little bit higher expectations than normal, but hey, you surely have spent a lot of time together on feasting, so probably nothing to worry about. And the bride? She will absolutely love the modern idea and be so grateful for all the effort you put into baking a rustic French bougets, cooking a vegan falafel burger or waffle, frying pad Thai with shrimps and pomegranates, baking a naked cranberry cake, fixing goat cheese/fig sandwich or choosing the right wine for the right cheese.

foodie bridal shower
foodie bridal shower

The second option however, seems to be a lot more fun to me. You all cook together with the bride. Remember how you mother was telling you that the cooking together is what brings the family & friends together? There is something really profound about it. So what you need to do is to proper some rare vegetables, top-class beef, fresh fruits and spices, preferably pre-cook all that needs pre-cooking and fetch quite a deal of machine and kitchen accessories. And the recopies as well.

After that put some effort into arranging an urban decor for you foodie theme party. Keep it rough and simple. Put some boho or dark colored pillows on the floor, all around the table. Place some purple glasses and rustic napkin on every plate. Design a lace ribbon or flower crown for every one of your girls and wrap roughly some wooden spoon and rare spices as favors. As the centerpiece, you can use some succulent or any other dark color flowers and arranged in a geometrical shape. Finish the decor with a little bit of color – an aquarelle, coral stationery.

After that – let the fun begin. If you spice things up a little bit with white thyme/raspberry vodka cocktail and a huge amount of giggles and laughs – I guarantee you – the best fun ever.


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