Warsaw Sweet Taste Festival 2015: wedding favors inspirations in Polish

A couple of weeks ago we were in seeking of exciting, unique wedding favors inspirations & revelations in the heart of Warsaw. And the city did not let us down. We’ve discovered exactly what we’d expected  – new approaches, flavors, designs and the wonderful homie atmosphere. All that our blog is about and all we’re so keen to shear with you.

Today we would like to present you the best favors ideas that we were able to find. So do be ready for a couple of amazingly original inspirations that would surprise and entrance every of you wedding guest. Matching rustic, eco, classic, urban, romantic or modern wedding. Whatever you desire.

MeryBarbery Chocolate

The first revelation we came across during festival –  Mery Barbery pralines and chocolate ganaches. I especially felt for the wonderfully diverse (even a little bit crazy) choice of flavors. Simply imagine how divine may them tastes: pineapple and pepper, chili, chai masala, earl grey, cucumber and apple, mango, jasmine tea, rosemary, Chivas whiskey, polish rose, tobacco and a lot, lot more that that. All that combined with the best Belgian chocolate, natural heavy cream, fresh spices, nuts and original choice of alcohols. Exciting, isn’t it? Chose a couple of them to create a classic wedding gift – choice of pralines packed in a cute bag that can be personalized for you, of course. And the catalog design? World class. Really loved it.
But that is not the end. The company is run by Marysia and Basia and they gave as an amazing opportunity to try the most remarkable sweet ganache closed in jars. I can assure you – never before you’ve tasted a spread that tasted as exciting as Mery Barbery’s tobacco or whiskey. Exceptional. And that is our personal choice for the original & surprising wedding favor. With no doubt, they would bring up only the best memories of your wedding day while spreading on the  guests pancakes during a Sunday breakfast.

The chocolates also can help you with creating a memorable wedding cake by adding a little chocolate decorative touch.

 Chocolate Factory Manufaktura Czekolady 

The one and only chocolate manufacturer in Poland. Chocolate Factory creates their own chocolate from a scratch with cocoa seeds, picked by themselves. Handmade, just like centuries ago. Produced with the best quality products, passion and care and even for that reason this chocolate is definitely worth trying.
Chocolate Factory is specializing in dark, high cocoa contents chocolate. Perfect for connoisseurs. The simple and genius design makes every chocolate bar ideal for an elegant wedding favor. Black and white, oh, we do love that color combination. But don’t worry – if you are a fan of a sweeter chocolate (like me, for sure) the Factory had prepared a vast choice of milk chocolates too. To please every chocolate lover.
More, chocolate bars is not all the company has to offer. Not at all. We’ve all seen the idea of the chocolate spoon that combined with water or milk creates a wonderful drinking chocolate. Chocolate Factory designed something even simpler and more thrilling. A chocolate cup. A cup of joy – they say. Exciting alternative for wedding traditional sweets, combined with the best dry fruits, candies or whatever you can imagine. You can also try to create you own, personalized chocolate. Involve your fiance and pick between dry fruits, nuts, spices, sweets and more. Nothing more unique than that. Genuine, wonderful taste of the best quality chocolate!

 Chocolate Workshop 

Although with did not have the pleasure to taste chocolate tools during the festival, we’ve seen and tasted them before. Because they surely impressing are eye-catching little things. You don’t often see a rusty, sweet piece of art. For now the Chocolate Workshop offers only the tools, but the girls revealed us a little secret: shortly they will manufacture a sweet chocolate cosmetics and girly stuff too. And that may be wonderful favor ideas for a bridal shower.

 Les Beaux Macarons 

Who can imagine elegant, french style, a classic wedding without a french sweet touch – sweet macaroons? Not us 🙂
A Polish company with a French name to- Les Beaux Macarons has quite a bit to offer. Outstanding, unique flavors of a classic treat. All so beautifully displayed. Believe me, even if your think that macaroons are not for you – you simply must try those ones. They may make you change you mind. Sicilian pistachio, mango and coconut, Jack Daniels, champagne wild berry, blueberry and white chocolate, rose and salted caramel. A truly impressive choice. We do adore a modern twist, even to a traditional wedding. So if you are looking for something equally classical and surprising, elegant and baffling – those macarons are something for you.
Yes, they will work amazingly as a wedding favor, personalized for the newlyweds and there is nothing more beautifully on a sweet table than a French macaroon tower.



A family business, build one a love for the dry fruit taste. A healthy alternative for those who love sweetness, but do care for a health of their wedding guest. The first thing that came to my mind when I looked at them – they would be just perfect for all rustic, eco-themed parties favors! A manila packaging too. Colorful, sweet and go for your body all in one. If your wedding guests are healthy lifestyle lovers they will love you for a little rest from a heavy polish cuisine, especially wedding feasting one.
Fruititas offers not only dry plums or peaches but also dry Polish apples and pears. All eco, all in a beautifully, modern designed package.
A great idea for a hotel welcome gift for you guests abroad. Polish treasures, healthy and pretty all in one. How cool is that!

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