Wedding Architect: Eco Chic Wedding

eco chic wedding

A big gathering, such as your wedding, can be a unique opportunity to spread eco-conscious philosophy. Use our wedding planner’s ideas and dazzle all with eco chic wedding. Be an eco example to your friends and family!

eco-chic theme


hether you are vegetarian, vegan, big animals’ friend or you just simply care about our planet, you should definitely consider eco chic wedding as your big day theme. We may list many reasons to do so, while it is not only environmentally friendly but also unique, rustic and organic. Does it not sound as a perfect wedding style?

Contrary to what you might firstly expect, eco chic wedding organization costs are not higher than those of throwing a traditional wedding. No worries, also impressiveness of the event will not be harmed. The goal is not necessarily reducing consumption but reducing the waste. For every wedding detail you can easily find a sustainable equivalent. Let’s begin submitting ideas and concepts, shall we?

The best venue for such eco and green wedding is, of course, an outdoor one. The more natural and intact, the better. Therefore, while looking for wedding reception place, consider courtyards and secret gardens. A green area by the pond or lake hidden in the reeds will also work well. Raw wood is a perfect solution for decorations, especially if this ‘wood’ still has its roots deep in the ground! Too hard to achieve? Try wooden pallets then. They can be used as tables, walls or picture backgrounds. Instead of using conventional stationery, you can write the menu and the big day program on them, so there would be no need to print one for every guest. Shall I mention it is money saving? Another paperless menu concept is to write it with chalk on a dark surface. As long as paper squandering can be avoided, every idea is a good idea. Let’s make it all eco chic!


What else can we do to reduce paper waste? What about giving up traditional invitations and spread the word via e-mail? If that is a bit too unconventional for you, check out my personal favourite – ready to be plant invitations. They are made of biodegradable seed paper. It means your invitees will be able to enjoy a beautiful patch of wildflowers, herbs or even veggies after they put your card into the fresh soil. That is truly ecological solution.

Continuing floral decoration topic, there can be as many flowers as you wish. It will not hurt the planet, as long as they are in-season and organic. As wedding planners we recommend – give succulents a chance. Also learn about some local flower farms, as well as other local suppliers. There is no better way to celebrate your eco chic wedding than with delicious food and beverages prepared from fresh, regional ingredients. The best way is to serve them on biodegradable dinnerware. For example on cute plates made from fallen palm leaves! And why should not we put those plates on biodegradable burlap or linen tablecloths? Oh, and do not forget about eco chic centerpieces. You can make them by yourself – decorating some used bottles, cans or old lightbulbs.

My last suggestion is to organize the reception in the same place as the ceremony, so there will be no need for your guests to drive. Or you can all leave your cars at home and, if you are bold enough, hop on a bike! Eco transportation means more eco wedding.

Are you curious what about the eco-chic wedding attire? This is a long topic and I am going to discuss that in detail soon, in another eco post.

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